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I live in Queens NY and I got my Ipad last friday. Turned it on and activated the AT&T 3G account. Everything worked fine with no problems. Used the 3G all day saturday and evening but then at midnight (going to sunday) I got the No Service message instead of the AT&T bars. I figured AT&T went down so I left it alone. I travelled to Long Island, then Manhattan and back to Queens on Sunday and in those 3 places I was still getting No Service.

I was starting to get annoyed so by Sunday evening I called up AT&T. I talked to a nice lady and she had me do the network reset, remove and reinsert the sim card, do a complete boot check the settings and none of it worked. She even check my Ipad 3G account and it was active. I told her my iphone is working just fine with full bars yet my Ipad has no service.

In the end, she checked the status of their network and it turns out there are 4 towers near my area and 3 of it are down.
She then told me that my iphone was probably connected to the working tower and my ipad is on the non-working tower. They have no way to reroute the connection of my ipad. So more likely I will just have to wait until they go up.

Anyone else having this problem right now? Its now monday morning and still No Service. Its upsetting because I paid for unlimited 3G yet I already have 2 days of no service.

IPAD, iPhone OS 3.1.3