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    I recommend taking the macbook to the nearest Genius Bar.

    Service centres or other Apple retail stores don't always seem to have the software or tests to find the core issues.

    If you contact Apple directly, you are more likely to have it completely repaired or get a replacement.


    I've had the same reoccurring problem for 10 months now. I've visited 3 different Apple authorised stores numerous times, talked to Apple Care people over the phone, reformated twice, got my logic board replaced twice and now the RAM replacement (all this within 1.5  years).

    The problems came back within 2 days.


    They promised they'd either get it fixed or a replace my machine, so I'll give them a friendly call tomorrow.


    Happy holidays, everyone.

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    Great. I just had my logic board replaced for the intermittent black screen issue and now I get the Channel Exception error. My computer just freezes and the cursor may or may not move. Would Apple also fix this issue if your computer is out of warranty but has the 90 days warranty from fixing the logic board for the intermittent black screen issue?

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    Hi to all who have problems with freezing macbook pro's


    its been a while since i posted but i think i have finally found the solution to my problem at least.


    just to start the reason it took me soooooo long to solve my issue, is that i could not use my original osx installation disk to reset the macbook pro to factory settings.


    i have since bought a lovely shiny imac, and i was able to create a disk image of my original 10.5.6 install dvd (which i might add worked ok in the imac and i will assume that after already replacing the optical drive in my macbook, it may well need replacing again. no wonder apple are bailing on them!)


    if your dvd or drive are having hissy fits, you will need to create a disk image of your dvd on a suitably sized flash drive. i used an 8gb usb thumb drive and disk utillity to restore my os x dvd to the usb drive on a different mac of course.


    Any how, thats what this is all about, if you are experincing problems with your mac try this procedure.


    BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES to a time machine or other external drive


    use your original install dvd to re-install your particular version of OS X


    now here was the important part for my machine, DO NOT install any updates for OS X or Airport client.


    update your files from backup drive.


    thats it!


    i must point out that after a day of this fix my dear old late 2008 macbook pro has worked perfectly without freezing and im fairly confident of a freeze free future of internet use

  • technicalwizard Level 1 (5 points)



    4 consecutive days, no freezes.


    happy chappie!

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    now here was the important part for my machine, DO NOT install any updates for OS X or Airport client.


    update your files from backup drive.



    I find it seriously disturbing that you call yourself 'techinicalwizard', and then suggest that you do not update your OS. What about security updates? Or reliability updates?


    Are you seriously suggesting that the hardware that gets shipped are build 'only' for the specific disc version that ships with it? If that is the case, then we should all be suiing apple for selling updated versions of their operating system, which is not able to run on the 'slightly older' hardware that we bought a couple of months before the newer OS came out.


    This may work for you, but not all of us want to run a Machine with 2 to 3 years worth of security flaws, and according to Apple, you should be able to upgrade your OS (which you have to pay for) if your hardware is capable.

  • technicalwizard Level 1 (5 points)

    Well my malfunctioning machine now works, and it has not worked properly since I originally updated it.  So yes if your machine works, why fix it with updates that may or may not seriously harm the system?


    And yes I am suggesting that some versions of os x are build specific. After going from snow leopard, lion and the developer mountain lion only the copy of leopard works with my mbp.


    And it works again, with it's original operating system. Feel free to comment but after years of turmoil my laptop has been fixed for 5 days now and I'm very happy with my own work on it. Also feel free to spend your money on apple repairs if you must but these discussions are here for those who can troubleshoot and solve problems.


    Many people don't have apple care and rightly so. It's a waste of money especially when they just replace things rather than solve problems, these forums are full of broken apples that are out of warranty so the info on here helps people.


    I'm sorry if this doesn't solve your issues, but I would rather have a working laptop than an updated one which fails to work :)

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    This is definitely an option for those out of the country with no access to an apple store. However you do not need to have apple care to have your logic board replaced. It is a known issue and apple will fix it (with the caveat that they can replicate the issue using their video test) for free even if you don't have apple care.    See my earlier post for details on your best bet with making a genius bar appointment to get your computer fixed.


    That said, I know several people here don't have access and are looking for alternatives.  Reverting to original os with no updates is far from ideal, but much better than your computer crashing all the time. 

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    You are wrong. Apple doesnt design systems for specific OS unless they say so. What you found is not a solution, and I doubt it is the reason your computer is not freezing. Please only post solutions that are technologically correct and make sense


  • technicalwizard Level 1 (5 points)

    to hassan2012.


    Please learn to read the english language before i ridicule you.


    This macbook pro WORKS FLAWLESSLY, and im completely right.


    Thank you

  • Hassan2012 Level 1 (0 points)

    To Mr ******** technicalwizard,

    at this point after making these stupid remarks and most importantly these ridiculous fix ideas, I really think you should be the last person going around wanting to ridicule people. Stop using this place as your stupid blog space. I never told you that your computer isnt working, I said you havent come up with any solution, what you did makes no sense, not to mention idiotic. So I believe you are the one that should pursue learning English. If you are looking for attention, there is plenty of places you can go and blap! and by the way grow up. And by the way I highly doubt it work flawlessly. As for the rest of the community, please stay away from his solutiion ideas, update your laptops normally and wait for a Mac official fix or contact apple care.

  • technicalwizard Level 1 (5 points)

    Swearing is really bad use of english. but then i guess you havent yet learned decency and respect.


    anyway this discussion is old my problems have gone.



  • A1. Level 1 (0 points)

    My MBP crashed twice now, first time I had to force shut and use drive genius which said the hard drive was ine yet the. Imputed wouldn't recognise it. Had to rebuild it :( this time it froze for 4 minutes then returned and then froze again permenatly.. Any tips?

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    My Macbook Pro 15" 2010 started crashing over the past few months. I dont think its related to the Nvidia issue as im only using the built in Intel card (I have that gfxstatus program installed to check). I took if to apple last week and they found nothing wrong but replaced the logic board since I had issues with one of the RAM clips not holding my ram properly. But I still experience crashing. It can happen after hours or days, I will get a spinning beachball and the machine will be somewhat responsive until I try to do anything (in my case run activity monitor) and it will become unresponsive except that I can move the cursor around. Closing the lid will do nothing, the apple logo still stays on.


    I've tried doing a clean install of Lion, re-installed my factory HDD and RAM but its still occuring. I have no idea what is casuing it. The last time it occured I was doing a ram test which passed successfully and the laptop was cooling down (machine was running around 75-80C while the test was running). I went back to safari and it hung. So I am not sure if its a heat issue?

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    Apple finally replaced logic board for my 2010 MBP.  It took me two different trips to the Genius bar.  First time, I was told that my machine passes all tests.  Second time, I just dropped it off with the printed service article (TS2086), then a day later, I got a call that my mbp has been repaired.  I just picked it up and they told me that they replaced the logic board for free.  (Mine turns 2 in April, so I didn't have  much time)


    Everyone having this issue should take their MBP to the store and ask for a repair.  You are still covered for this particular video card issue for 2 years from your original date of purchase, so don't worry if your warranty expired.


    This mac has been working just fine for the last few hours.  I hope it stays that way