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  • califfo1975 Level 1 Level 1

    as I have in fact proposed some posts before, we could effectively compare the first numbers of the S/N in order to have an idea about the manufacturing order of our machines and maybe about the associated HW (vs. freezing problem).
    I have a W80181xxxxx and I had only one freeze; It has been shipped from China on Apr 30th and I received it here in Europe on May 6th.
    Let's try to make a comparison with these information as far as we can...
  • Mauricio N. Level 1 Level 1

    Been experiencing exactly the same issues as described by Artitron's 1st post.
  • FiveLittleFish Level 2 Level 2
    Serial W80169***

    Ordered April 12th, Shipped April 24th, arrived May 6th

    No freezes
  • califfo1975 Level 1 Level 1
    I am more and more convinced that a replacement (at least for my case) might have been a russian roulette....same chances to have a perfect (0 freeze though I had only one...) machine as to have a very bad one!!
    Let's try to gather the S/N and gmux+ROM versions of freezing and non-freezing machines, of verybody, just to spend our time or to reassure ourselves in the long wait of 10.6.4....
    Thanks all
  • Jeroen Leenarts Level 1 Level 1
    My SN: W80167xxxxx

    Since my previous post I haven't had any mayor freezes again, no idea why. I do tend to work on AC as much as possible. Dynamic switching is enabled, I only use gfx status for monitoring purposes.

    I do note that my system seems very susceptible to degraded responsiveness when heavy I/O is involved. Time Machine running causes notable effects, but I wouldn't qualify those as freezes. It just makes my whole experience very Windows-ish. Jerky cursor, delayed (about a second) displaying of hidden App windows.


    I get this info on my system:
    Group1: MacBook
    Group2: Pro
    CPU speed: 2.66GHz
    Screen size: 15 inch
    Screen resolution: 1680x1050 pixels
    Colour: Aluminium
    Memory - number of slots: 2
    Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)
    Production year: 2000
    Production week: 16 (April)

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  • Appelflap Level 1 Level 1
    Extra info:

    The defective 15" i5 macbook pro GPU ran hot very quickly, up to 82 degree Celsius = 179.6 degree Fahrenheit

    Now my 17" i7 (SC02C** serial) only goes up to 65 degree Celsius = 149 degree Fahrenheit

    Both under load while playing the same games.

    I used iStat server for monitoring the temps, and used to iPhone to monitor them realtime.

    Another thing i noticed is that my macbook pro has finder version 10.6.5
    My other mac's have 10.6.4
    Found that out when trying to install TotalFinder.

    Then i found this link
    That mean some macbook pro's might have different software revisions.

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  • BigCat400 Level 1 Level 1
    Piece of news (read on until the end). My replacement machine is problem free after three days. I couldn't get through a day with my "bad" machine.

    If you have followed my posts, my freezes happened on battery only (worked fine on AC power) and they were all related to the NVIDIA GPU. I had pixel corruption as well some times prior to the freeze.

    Here is the interesting thing. I've dumped and compared both system profiles. Both machines are nearly identical, except the following under "Battery Information":

    Bad machine: Amperage (mA): 508

    Good machine (new): Amperage (mA): 2084

    This really caught my eye, as I posted earlier, and as I mentioned in my bug report submitted to Apple, I assumed a potential root cause was that the battery wasn't able to power the NVIDIA GPU. I don't know anything about "amperage", so if anyone can chime in, that'd be good.
  • Fredrik Averpil Level 1 Level 1
    This is a huge thread. I'm with a MacBook Pro 13", 2010 model standard build. I've started experiencing freezes after a couple of days worth of using it without any issues.

    I held down the "D" button upon starting the computer and I actually got a hardware error report:

    Alert! Apple Hardware Test has detected an error
    4SNS/1/4000001 TN1D- -1.000

    I'm taking mine back to the store.
  • Mauricio N. Level 1 Level 1
    Now that you've mentioned... Battery info was something that caught my attention when I first saw its info. "Full charge capacity" was showing -1XXX (XX is a number which I can't really remember now). This minus thing that showed up was something I still don't understand.
    Right now my battery has 10 charge cycles, and "Full charge capacity" shows 6979, which I guess is now ok. Amperage here is currently 1086mA.
    Oddly, yesterday morning was the last time I experienced a freeze. Worked with my mbp through the whole day and, until now, no other freezes experienced.
    To sum up, could this problem be a battery-related issue? Since battery callibration builds up with time, and in my case, freezing has been occuring with less frequency, could battery callibration help solving it?
  • califfo1975 Level 1 Level 1
    Under battery I have a negative value that is displayed and which is -8xx; at a second trial, after increasing the brightness of the display to 1/2, I had -6xx.... I have indeed negatove values looking at system profile live...

    In spite of this, I have 18 cycles of battery though I used it only twice (from full to complete discharge): HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?
  • djanthonyw Level 1 Level 1
    When is 10.6.4 coming out?
  • wcone Level 1 Level 1
    Hi guys,
    I think I've got some good news. My computer has been repaired and I haven't got beach balls anymore.
    I have a MBP 15", i7, 7200 rpm. They first replaced the HD (with the same Seagate) but it did not change anything. Then, they changed the memory (2x2go). Since then I haven't been experiencing any freeze so I think it was the problem.
    I'll update my post if the problem occurs again, but I think everything's okay now.
    Hope it helps .

    EDIT : one freeze so don't take into account what I wrote…

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  • Appelflap Level 1 Level 1
    Replaced memory to test on my 15inch macbook pro, i did notice some ´dirt´ in the connector pins, further investigation with a microscope made it clear that they where human skin cells.(probably from head skin)
    After removal it was stable for 1 day, then freezes again.

    Then i gave up and exchanged it and got one that is stable so far.

    Anyone that has a unstable macbook that is not from factory code W8?

    Something is smells about that factory......
  • djanthonyw Level 1 Level 1
    Indeed, this thread doesn't have to do with RAM issues. It's most likely software / driver related. For some it may be hardware but I'm really starting to doubt it now.

    I don't understand why it's taking so long for Apple to release 10.6.4 when it has no reported issues.
  • califfo1975 Level 1 Level 1
    Mmmm....I am not sure that there is really a hw problem with MBP from W8: the freezing vs. W8 S/N and gmux, rom, etc... is so random that a s/w bug may not be excluded. In spite of this, bigcat400 path on GPU supply under battery might be plausible but, to answer his question, the amperage should depend on how much load is on the battery at the moment of system profiler snap shot --> to be confirmed. I am opening a thread (just for information to other people) about the fact that I had a battery with 15 cycles already at first use of my MBP (indeed the counter is at 18 cycles and I did only 3 complete charge/discharge).
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