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  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7
    Ryhzuo wrote:
    Edit: I found I can more or less reproduce the freezes, if I run iTunes playing music, Safari running Runescape on high detail, with Adium and Chrome sitting idle in the background. This combination usually results in a freeze in about 5-15 minutes.

    I just checked out Runescape under Safari on my 2009 MBP13, Rhyzuo.

    Activity Monitor indicated that it was occasionally pushing the CPU to 200% usage! I'm not surprised you are seeing freezes with it if you have other stuff left running in the background. There are simply no CPU cycles left to run iTunes simultaneously and it has to wait til Runescape finishes whatever it is doing at full CPU capacity to be able to continue.

    Seems to me that there are quite a few different issues really involved in the freezes mentioned in this thread. In some cases there may well be a hardware base for the problem, but in your case it looks like a case of a badly coded on-line game creating a bit of havoc of its own.


  • thinayr Level 1 Level 1
    Hi All–

    My i7 MBP functioned flawlessly until a few days ago, then my machine started freezing with minor *visual glitches* while attempting to play Half-Life 2 ep.1 on Steam. Could only hard-reboot. I figured it was related to Steam itself and was quite miffed to have paid for games that crashed my mac.

    Then yesterday I took my mac to work out of the house, and within a few minutes of using my computer, the display became totally scrambled, with cycling patterns of angular blocks of pixels (looked like an afghan blanket) covering the screen. The mouse was visible but with a series of dashed lines in a large square all around it. The mouse could move but no input was received, and again I had to shut it down with the power button.

    Then it happened even while trying to boot my computer, and froze at the gray apple screen with the same afghan-rug pattern on top and bottom. ***!

    After reading this thread on my wife's MacBook, I was able to get my MBP running long enough to install gfxCardStatus and can now use my mac only as long as I use the built in intel graphics, it seems the nVidia gpu is the culprit...

    Have still had crashes even after 10.6.4 update with the nVidia gpu..

    Just wanted to post to see if any of your freezes have been similar with the distorted display? My freezes do not correct themselves even after 30min+ of sitting there scrambled. Can't tell if my problem is in the same category as this thread... any comments are appreciated!

    I am utterly shocked that APPLE HAS NOT RESPONDED TO THIS NOW 45+ PAGE THREAD!
  • baseliner Level 1 Level 1
    Regarding Apple responding - having gone through a few such issues over the last 8 years, I can tell you that it takes a while for Apple to acknowledge and/or respond to issues, especially widespread ones.

    However, folks who have issues should contact Apple's Customer Relations department if you're not getting anywhere with Applecare and/or Genius. I'm working with a rep from Customer Relations on this. During my first conversation with the rep, I was told that the "product specialist" that was consulted did not "have any reports" of this issue. I have a feeling that information from Applecare/Genius folks isn't reaching their Engineering department. So the more that report/call Apple, the better - the customer relations rep seems to have a direct line to Engineering.
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7
    Apple don't ever formally respond on technical issues in the forums , thinayr. They are intended as user to user forums, rather than as an avenue for discussion between Apple technical staff and the public. Contact Apple technical support directly if you want a response from them.


  • Kevin MacLeod Level 1 Level 1
    They don't read these forums? Or respond?

    That would not be very smart.

    Why would they not use freely available customer feedback from smart customers who provide rich details, as we usually do? At least for starters to sniff out new widespread bugs.
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7
    I'm sure that common issues raised here are noted by Apple, Kevin, but responding here is a different matter. In a thread like this one it would be very difficult to do so anyway, as seemingly quite a few different matters are conflated in the one thread.

    When Apple do respond to an issue they usually do so in the form of a Knowledgbase article or, if the problem is something that really is an issue with Apple software, rather than things beyond their control like defects with third party software and the like, by simply producing an appropriate update.
  • Nels.m Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue with my 13-inch MacBook Pro. It just started happening and has frozen twice in the past 2 hours. Keys and trackpad were unresponsive and the only way to fix it was by holding down the power button. The only programs running were Firefox and iTunes. My mac shipped out on May 7th, i got it on the 17th. This is very troubling as i just bought the darn thing and it has been working perfectly until now.
  • du9207 Level 1 Level 1
    my machine froze on me once, i'm expecting it to freeze even more but we'll have to wait and see.

    i have the 13" macbook pro also
    the problem seems to occur less on these models but the problem still exits
  • lumpbelly Level 1 Level 1
    I posted a week or so ago and have been monitoring waiting for this issue to be resolved before splashing the cash.

    I'm not kinda expecting an Apple response here - as someone previously said, this is not their forum.

    However this is a long standing problem, and for Apple to release their next general update without including a fix (if feedback here is to be believed)then I am not hopeful of this being resolved anytime soon.

    Apple are starting to suck I think. I'll keep dual platforming I think with my existing iMac and get a new Windows laptop and a holiday with the change.
  • osxtasy91 Level 1 Level 1
    "Apple are starting to suck I think. I'll keep dual platforming I think with my existing iMac and get a new Windows laptop and a holiday with the change."

    This would be about the SMARTEST thing you can do.

    Apple is no longer about "quality/QA testing" only quantity and stock price.

    If it's not an iphone/ipad type device, fuggitaboutit!
  • Mattlaw Level 1 Level 1
    If you find a computer that presents zero problems for every user, then definitely buy it!
  • pczeryba Level 1 Level 1
    does anybody here has his freeze problem solved by the 10.6.4 update ?
    It seems to me that it was THE question these last days... and since, no answer...

    I've planned to buy a 15 inch Core i5 2.4 Ghz Hi-Res Antiglare MBP but when I saw this thread, decided to wait, wait and wait again...
    So, I was waiting for this "savior" 10.6.4 update but today, I can't read nothing about the benefits it bring to the freeze problem ?

    Do you have some good (or bad) news about it ?

  • A new MBP user purchased month Level 1 Level 1

    I just purchased MBP with following specs
    Processor 2.4
    Screen 13.3

    The problem is just similar to what was mentioned earliearl, complete freeze with hard reset you can reboot and even sometimes the reboot fails.
    Also when I try to restart the screen dims but still the computer is somehow running(it gets hot in my bag) and I have to make forced off.

    It appears that if I stop moving the cursor it hangs up. I reinstalled with the original system CD I have but the problem persists.

    What I found out is MBP does not freeze while backing up on Time Machine drive. I have no explanations. But I can browse, vewi photos edit them. But once I leave it for some time it hangs up again.

    I hope any body can use this as temporary solutioon till Apple cones up with something.

    Also I downloaded the new update mentioned before reinstalling the system and it did not seem to work.
  • Freddie Herbst Level 2 Level 2
    Off Topic

    If you read all the complaints here you will never buy a Mac, if you want want just go out and buy it, forget what is said in the forums, not all people got problems with their Mac's.

    Thats the forum for Asus mother boards, just as many complaints.
  • Rod Hagen Level 7 Level 7
    Hi du9207 and Nels.m

    Freezes can be a manifestation of many, many completely different sorts of problems, rather than "a problem". Think of a freeze as like as sneeze. The latter can occur because you have a cold, or the flu, or hay fever, or just breathed in some pepper , or walked out into very cold air, or .... etc etc.

    It is the same with a "freeze". It can (very rarely) be due to a hardware issue, or, (much more commonly) to problems with either drive corruption, inadequate RAM, OS corruption, or third party software problems.

    In your cases the fact that you have different hardware, with different processors and different graphics, from most of the other posters here suggests that your own problem is probably different to theirs.


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