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I'm returning the wireless ipad for the 3g and am trying to move all my data --- I did a backup, but I know that the backup doesn't include pictures ... Where on my computer do I find the pictures that are on the ipad???

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    In iTunes, if you have sync turned on for photos, it'll allow you to name a sync folder. Check this folder before you return the iPad.

    If you did not specify a sync folder for photos, do so then sync. Again, be sure the sync folder is populated with your photos.
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    For photos that you sync from your computer to the iPad -well they're still on the computer.

    The sync option in iTunes is for sync from a folder on the computer to the iPad.

    To retrieve photos that were imported on to the iPad from a camera or SD csrd or compact flash card connected with the Camera Connection Kit, you have to open a photo app. on your computer like iPhoto. Lightroom. Aperture, Bridge while the iPad in connected. They will see the iPad as a device, and the photos sitting on your ipad as a source for import via that application.

    I have imported photos from both my camera and a compact flash card to the iPad, and then imported them into Lightroom and iPhoto when the iPad is connected to the computer.

    Hope this helps,

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    Yep, as stated above:
    iPad works 2 ways

    1/ send pictures to it from iPhote etc....
    2/ download pictures from it as from any other camera (again in iPhoto - it will recognize your iPad as if it were a camera!!!)
    Remember, there could be some downsampling of photos while importing into iPad from a Camera Conneciton kit - I kind of doubt it does RAW. My iPod has all photos downsampled when exported from iTunes, not sure what iPad does with photos when importing from a camera kit.
    I've imported photso from iPad into iPhoto, but never tested it with the Camera Connection kit.

    I'd never use iPad as the main primary device to download photos. iPhoto is my choice and I share the photos with my iPad from there. It's much more straightforward when it comes to redundancy of data and backing up... I send the stuff to MobileMe (downsampled), TimeMachine (RAW) and USB stick (RAW).
    Pictures are one thing you can never pay enough for when lost...
  • Steve Holton Level 4 Level 4
    It seems to handle raw OK. I imported raw only from my Nikon D3 and raw+jpg from my D200 and they ended up at full resolution, unaltered when imported into Lightroom and Bridge.

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    Open iTunes. Sync your iPad. When its done syncing, click on the iPad symbol on the list on the left side of the screen on the column. Next, note above, several tabs; information, Music, Movies, etc. Also up there is Photos, I think the last tab. On that, you can select to Sync with a specific folder on your hard drive. On mine, I create a folder in my Photos main folder. I called it iPod Photos. In there, I also have sub folders I organized my photos by, thus my Photos folder for iPod is huge and tons of folders for all my organized photos, so when I sync my device, I can then update all that is on the device. I do this with the iPhone as well.

    If you have a Mac, you can use iPhoto. I havent learn to sync that way yet. If you do not have a Mac computer you are syncing with, then you need to go with the Folder route.

    Also, when you add photos to your iPad, they will auto-sync to your Photos folder on your computer, (when you set it up with a folder and activate syncing Photos).

    Hope that helps.
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    So, Enrigue, you are pulling up all threads that have to do with photos, so you can plug your app?
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    That's not fair.

    The OP had a question about getting pics onto his iPad. Enrique merely told him how to do it almost effortlessly with an app he authored. What's wrong with that?

    For one, I'm glad I learned about this app and the very reasonable price, too.

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    Bucky, thanks for your post. I appreciate your comment about the app and hope it can be useful to you.

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    My pleasure.

    Good luck with your app and software development career.