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I have Internet Sharing set up and working on my computer but I forget how to change the password! Thanks.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi Marvin and a warm welcome to the forums!

    I assume this is sharing an Ethernet connection to Computers using Airport?
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    Thank you! (for some reason I didn't get an email telling me that you had replied to my post)

    Yes, we have a DSL connection to the Ethernet on our main computer, and have Internet Sharing on so we can share the Internet connection on our laptops in the office. It works great for me, but I set it up, and now I can't remember what the password is (my Macbook connects automatically) so I can help other people in the office use their laptops with it.
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    Marvin, on the one that is doing Internet Sharing, open Sharing pref pane>Internet tab, click Stop, then click on Airport Options button, you should be able to change it there.
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    Thank you! That worked.

    I have another question. On my MacBook, when I click on the Network control panel in System Preferences, it immediately brings up a dialog that says, "Your network settings have been changed by another application." When I click OK, it immediately does this again. This continues infinitely. Do you have any suggestions?

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    Marvin, To stop the pop-up, Go to System Preferences: Security. Check the box next to "Require password to unlock each secure system preference." Then lock Security.

    Try this cure for Security update...


    The locations are actually...




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    Thank you, that worked!
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    Good news, thanks!