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sorry if this has been asked before.
i have an ipod nano and i tunes 9 on my computer.
i have tried dropping and dragging from a playlist on my device to a new playlist i set up so that i can burn the files to a cd however i can only move it to other playlists on my device and nowhere else. if i try to move it to the new playlist iv just set up i get a circle with a line through it,,,,,help am i just being thick

laptop, Windows Vista
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    Let me see:

    Are you trying to move a Playlist (or music items) from your iPod, onto your Computer by dragging the playlist from the iPod into your computer library?

    If so, you can't do this. The only way you can really send playlist back up to iTunes and your computer, is if you make an "On The Go" playlist from your iPod. Once you make an On the Go playlist on your iPod and connect it to your computer, it will automatically add to your library assuming you have autosync turned on.

    However, your computer will not upload any songs from your iPod that your computer doesnt already have
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    dont know if im being thick or what but have played the i tunes tutorial and it seems straight forward so this may be long winded so bear with me.
    on the left hand side of the screen in the i tunes window i have
    Library which only has 7 songs in it and 2 albums....which is strange as i have hundreds of songs on my i pod
    then i have store which is working fine
    then i have my device which has 1,000 of songs in my playlists and music on the go i can open all of these folders and drop and drag between these but cant move them anywhere else and also it doesnt give me the option to burn a disc which is what i want to do
    below that then is playlists which has some folders which i set u but i cant transfer songs into these folders as everytime i try to drag into these folders or the library folder i get a circle with a line through it and these folders give me the option to burn a cd
    on the itunes tutorial all they do is pick from library or device and just drop it in playlist then hit burn
    i cant understand it! it seems that all of my songs are just on my ipod and i cant get them to appear in any other folder and as soon as i unplug my ipod i cant see/find any songs at all
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    Ok, what you are trying to do is take files from your iPod, and drag them to your computers library playlists, or burn a CD right from your iPod's playlist. You cannot do either of these. With manual sync on, you can only move files around on the iPod, not across to the computer.

    I am not sure why your LIBRARY does not match all of the songs as your iPod however. I'm assuming you used the same computer to put the content on your iPod in the first place? Did you change computers recently or delete files from your iTunes library? Do you know if your media files are still located somewhere on your computer? If so you can re-add them aghain to your iTunes library, which would allow you to make playlists and burn CDs.