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This dreading bug is killing me, when typing in adium and switching between layouts quickly system starts to freeze. Once the problem starts, it spins beach ball for around 5 seconds every time I switch layout or just switch to another window or app.

This bug might be caused by Cloud.app, I love stars.app or Navicat.app, but it can also appear out of thin air. And actually why so many apps are able to impair it?

I even reinstalled Snow Leopard, but it didn't help much, after reboot everything works fine until some moment where I need to quickly check something in browser (Firefox), and then type back in IM (Adium) and then it just spins and spins the beach ball.

I type a word, switch to another layout... wait... wait... click any application... wait... wait... you get the idea.
Even when launching killswitch (cmd-opt-esc) I have to wait first.

The layout switcher is broken in Snow Leopard. And what's even worse, when it spins the beach ball CPU usage does not change, there are no messages in Console, nothing.

I don't know where to report this except here, and since people in Cupertino barely ever switch layouts, this might go unnoticed for years.

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