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Hello everybody, I own a Suzuki SX4 and it has the interface to connect to my iPod 30-pin connector with a cable and, although it's quite convenient to use the on-steering-wheel controls, there are two major drawbacks:

1) Such interface doesn't charge the 2nd or 3rd Gen iPod Touches, only the 1st (I own a 3rd Gen too)
2) Poses many limitation to the iPod usage. You cannot browse directly on your iPod's music library (or through the car controls, for that matter - all you can do is select one of the 5 previously created playlists).

What I'd like is a device that connects to the back of my car's stereo (just like the one I have) and works like a bluetooth accessory (a headphones, sort to speak) to receive the bluetooth signal from my iPod Touch.

I believe my car's stereo is Clarion brand and the only information it shows at the front is "CLCC04".

Hope somebody can help / Thanks in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Although the Touch has Bluetooth, I don't think it can connect to a stereo for playback (only Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or peer-to-peer gaming). If you want more capabilities, you will likely have to get an aftermarket (wired) kit for your Clarion, or replace the head unit entirely.

    If you don't want to do that, there is a way to address the charging issue. There are adapters that will transfer the charging from the Firewire pin to the USB pin on the dock connector, I think they're about $25 and available from Griffin, Scosche, and maybe a few others.