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iPad 64 / Custom mail

When I delete a mail from my iPad inbox, it is also deleted from my server. How do I configure
To stop this?

In other words, I like previewing my incoming email on my iPod, and I want to be able to keep my iPad email in box tidy by deleting from my inbox without deleting from my server?

Thanks for your hep, IM

PC, Windows 7
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    It is probably the same as the iPhone. Under Settings->Account->Advanced->Delete from server-> Never
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    If you are accessing your email through IMAP, then you might not be able to do what you are asking. By definition, IMAP folders look the same on all mail tools ... i.e. if you delete a message or move a message to a different folder, all mail tools on all your computers should see the change.

    Some mail accounts allow both IMAP and POP3 access. See if you can modify your iPad account setup to access your email account through POP3.
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    I have several email accounts set-up on the iPad, and would like for emails to not be deleted from the server too. I would like to be able to read the messages on the iPad, but be able to have the emails also on my Mac Pro. It works perfectly on my iPhone...but I can't seem to get it to work correctly on the iPad.

    On the iPad, in email settings...Advanced....If you change the Deleted Messages to Remove...Never. Will this take care of it? Or does this just tell the iPad to never delete the emails from the trash?

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    I have the same issue and our company mail just took away our POP3 access. I have choices of IMAP or Exchange. Exchange has NO controls that lets me make my iPhone mail a copy of the server. IMAP has some deletion controls, but even when setting it to "Never Delete", when I delete a message on my iPhone it deletes it from the inbox on the server. I presume that "Never Delete" is affecting the life of the trash can. Ironically, if I delete a message in Thunderbird on the laptop, it doesn't delete it from the iPhone.

    This is very annoying. I want my POP3 back.
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    I hate to have to say it, but...

    ...technically it is not possible for you to leave a copy on the server using the IMAP service. The solution:

    1) Delete your current email account on iPad (the account using IMAP).
    2) Re-create your mail account using POP or POP3 in the iPad.
    3) The UI (User Interface) will look different but your iPad wont change the behaviour of other mail clients on other devices.

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    will.egan wrote:
    I hate to have to say it, but...

    I'm glad you did so that I wouldn't have to ....
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    Michael Morgan1 wrote:


    will.egan wrote:
    I hate to have to say it, but...

    I'm glad you did so that I wouldn't have to ....

    Then you are both talking rubbish. IMAP is designed for multiple client access to the same inbox, and requires either POP3 collection, or explicit deletion from the server, to remove an email.


    IMAP deletion should NEVER delete from the server, if you choose not to do so. I have a netbook and a desktop PC using the same inbox. The Netbook uses IMAP, the desktop PC uses POP3. I can delete a message from the Netbook, and it leaves the email on the server, for the desktop PC to collect via POP3.


    From Wikipedia "E-mail clients using IMAP generally leave messages on the server until the user explicitly deletes them."


    The way the iPad is handling it, is wrong... but then again, this is Apple we're talking about. They will no doubt patent this incorrect behaviour, and market it as a "new invention".