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My iPad should arrive next week, and I am excited to get it set up. I am curious as to the best way to do so...
Between my wife and I, we share a MacBook and an iMac, each with our own user accounts on each computer. We share an iTunes library and an iPhoto library. We each have an iPhone, our own contacts, email accounts, etc. We each have our own mobileme account. I understand that the iPad does not have the option of 2 user accounts, which would be ideal, so absent of that, what is the best way to set it up to facilitate our sharing it?

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    My wife and I share our's and really the only way is to be sure you only put stuff on that you both want and need. For example,
    1) You can have separate photo albums, but you both can see the other's.
    2) Music can be divided into play lists, but again, both access.
    3) Apps are for both. When 4.0 comes out later this year, you can use folders to segregate apps, but now, the best you can do is put each's apps on separate pages of the desktop. ie, common apps on the first 2 pages, your faves on the next 2, then hers on the last two. (or vice versa...)
    4) Videos, etc, continue with a similar strategy.....

    Not much help, but until, if ever, they have multi-user, not much else to do.

    Any better approaches out there?
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    I have definitely not tried this, but on my single-user iPad I have MobileMe and Gmail accounts set up. When I click on "add a new account", it still proposes MobileMe, Gmail, as well as Exchange, Yahoo, etc. So, perhaps you could set up paired email accounts of whatever type(s) you need, one for her and one for you.

    iPhoto, iTunes, etc. are probably a lot tougher to "share", just as an iPod would be. Mother's Day is coming up, at least in the US, so...


    PS: I would assume you can only sync the FrankenPad to one of the computers...
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    you'll want to be sure to clear browser history, cookies and cache, as needed.