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I just got a new 3G iPad and am searching for a good GPS app that I can use without a data connection. I really don't want to spend mega money just to try out different apps. Thanks!

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    What do you mean by a GPS app? Are you looking for an navigation app?

    A good GPS app is MotionX GPS. It comes in a free lite version and a more feature packed version for $3. Unfortunately, it is an iPhone app so it will either be small or pixelated on your iPad screen.

    If you want a turn by turn navigation app, the only one currently designed for the iPad is "CoPilot Live HD". It looks pretty cool, although I haven't tried it.

    You can see all of the navigation apps in iTunes by going to the App store, clicking on "iPad" (to see iPad specific apps), and then click on the little arrow next to the App store tab and chose "Navigation".
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    Try posting his under the applications folder in the iPad area, not eh keynote presentation program area, you might get better and more answers.


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    I bought CoPilot Live HD for my iPad 3GS about 2 weeks ago. Overall, I would consider this to be a very good navigation app. I've found some quirks with it but I would give it 4 of 5 stars.

    This app works either standalone or with a WiFi or 3G mobile connection (via AT&T) but I have had no reason to use the 3G connection as yet. It is only really needed for CoPilot's "Live" (that is, real-time info) feature. We have been traveling around Alaska for the past month and have given CoPilot a very thorough workout. Among the quirks we've encountered are:

    * Inability to retain/restore app data when doing a reinstall.
    * Difficulties creating and updating user-entered points of interest.
    * Difficulties using the "Save Current Location" feature.
    * Difficulties using the "Enter Location By Coordinates" feature.
    * Some features of CoPilot not available in iPad and iPhone version.

    None of these was a deal-breaker by any means. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who travels a lot and needs a reliable navigation aid.