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Yet again, I cannot download an iTunes update without it failing and forcing me to uninstall the whole iTunes appliciation. This is the message I get: "the installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: c:\program files X86\comm files\apple\core fp. I once read a brilliant explanation how to get it to work again from Katrina S., but unfortunately cannot find that explanation again. I tried someone else's, which involved me going into "regedit" and doing a whole convoluted thing about giving myself permission to access everything. Since I am the SOLE user of this computer, I cannot understand this error message. PLEASE, KATRINA!! If you see this message, can you help?

HP Laptop, Windows Vista
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    Hi Donica, I am not sure what brilliant explanation I gave,other than to make sure you have full control and ownership of the top-level folder, and all its child/subfolders.

    In Windows Explorer, right-click > Properties on this folder
    c:\program files X86
    Go to the Security tab and make sure your userID has full control and ownership of it.

    There is also a built-in account on windows called "Trusted Installer". If its permissions are messed up, the above won't help...post back either way.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Katrina:
    After I posted to you, I messed around with this very folder. Nothing happened. I still had the same problem. Then, I restarted my computer and everything had taken effect. I now seem to have full control! As to your brilliant explanation from before, it was a completely different process that you explained for iTunes install errors, so perhaps back then I was having another issue. Do you think this will solve the problem from now on when I do those updates? Thank you SO much for helping me and others!
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    Glad you got it installed, and thanks for the points.

    I can't really say whether this will fix it for good, since I don't know what else you've got installed on your PC. Security software, or installing other programs, could definitely change folder permissions without specifically telling you. That c:/program files/ folder is used by many windows applications - not just itunes.

    If you get error messages about not having permission to a folder, whether it's during an itunes install or not, just go to the security tab and grant permissions again....to whatever folder is mentioned in the message.
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    Thanks so much. I will keep this bookmarked for future reference. These boards are the best. I've gotten nowhere trying to call Apple for help.