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My Iphone 3G will ask for my voicemail password everytime I hang up a call...I'm not even trying to access it! What do I do??

Iphone 3g/Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Have you recently restore your phone or reset it? That has happened to me when I do either one of those. If you put the password in and still pops up that means you didn't put the right one. In that case you have to call your carrier to reset your password and them create a new one.

    Hope this helps.
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    I haven't reset my phone at all. This started happening after I set up my voicemail. I'm not trying to access my voicemail at all when this pops up. It will pop up immediately after a call has ended. When I do enter my password it logs me into my voicemail just fine...the problem is is that I am not even trying to access my VM. Does anyone know where I can find the VM settings?? I have looked and looked on the phone and I am not able to find the settings for VM.
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    The same exact thing was happening to me and the reason was because I didn't put the correct password. If you want to make sure you're putting the correct password in, on the phone keypad, press the number 1. This will dial your voicemail and you'll have the options to reset.
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    Iphone Voicemail Problem,

    This problem is often apparent when the sim card or all network settings are reset. Anyway you need to make this problem go away. If you do not know your voicemail password simply dial your own phone number and it should reset itself. Try your apple ID password. It keeps coming up because the iphone checks with the towers for any new information to be pushed of fetched to your phone. It is constantly checking for new text messages, email and voicemails. Best of luck.


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