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Debbie25 Level 1 Level 1
I have a ITouch 16gb
I wanted to add 3 songs but it said it didn't have enough room.

I deleted at least 200 songs using iTunes by right clicking on the playlist on the left side and clicking Delete.
It still says there is zero room.

I made sure the songs I deleted were not on the iPod.

Thanks for your help,

iTouch 1gen, 16gb
  • Lyssa Level 6 Level 6
    With the iPod connected to the computer, use iTunes to take a look at how the space is distributed on your iPod. How large is your "other" section?

  • cougarspeed09 Level 1 Level 1
    you have to take the songs off the Ipod itself all you did from what it sounds like is take then songs out of the Itunes library. click on your Ipod in the left taskbar then go to the music tab. There you should see all the songs on your Ipod ... just uncheck the songs there to take them off your ipod