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Hi all,

Just bought a mini. I am very impressed with the build quality, the functionality and the BSD UNIX/Mach guts!

However, from the second I took it out of the box, it has emitted a strong offensive and very toxic smelling chemical odor. I have left it near an open window to deal with that in the hopes that it burns off.

Is that normal?

Thank you.

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.3), just bought from McArthur store
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    Welcome, Avraamjack.

    It's a hard question to answer, because sensitivity to smells varies hugely from person to person.

    In general, new computers have a "new computer smell", just like cars have a "new car smell".

    If the smell is really out of the ordinary for new electronic equipment, then there might be a component that is failing.

    At the very least, get a second or third opinion from some friends, or take the Mini in to an Apple store, if such is available to you.

    The Mini shouldn't smell any different from most other new computers.
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    Hi Boece ,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    This is definitely very different from any other computer that I have ever bought. There is a big difference between the generic new new smell and what this is putting out.

    Since it is an apple product and they are notoriously perfectionist, it seemed unlikely that this was in the design and I thought that it might be a production/delivery deficiency. If it was XYZ computer, well .....

  • Boece Level 5 Level 5 (6,245 points)
    Well, get a second opinion ... and preferably take it back to Apple.

    The Mini normally doesn't have an exceptional smell.