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Recently I my computer hasn't prompted me to import photos from my iPhone to my computer. My iPhone is also not showing up in My Computer.

I have seen this topic discussed and answered for the Mac but I couldn't find any answer for the PC.

I have iTunes and my iPhone 3GS is 3.1.3

Dell Optiplex, Windows Vista
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    One of the first things to ask is if you have saved any photos in the camera roll from an email, MMS or from the Web. If so, that can lead to a bug that does not allow the iPhone to be recognized and will not allow for the downloading of photos.

    Check that first.
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    You can try this troubleshooting assistant from Apple.com http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/assistant/itunes/

    Also, here is a support document that you can use as well http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1495
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    I didn't save any pictures to my iPhone. I have only taken pictures and emailed some pictures. I do sync one folder of pictures to my iPhone.

    iTunes recognizes my iPhone, it is just that the iPhone doesn't appear in My Computer and I am not asked if I want to download the pictures from the phone to the computer.
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    It is working again. I didn't do anything. I didn't restart my computer. It just started to work.

    I still want to know how to resolve this problem next time it happens.
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    I am also having trouble with this feature.
    I have recently changed from an old XP machine to my new WIN7 machine and the import wizard will not work as it did on my XP machine. But, strangely, I also can no longer import the photos on my old XP machine either!
    My iPhone 3Gs syncs fine with iTunes but the folder of photos is in the backup format and so are unusable.
    Something that may be significant is in the Devices & Printers listing my iPhone is listed under 'Unspecified' as Apple Mobile Device USB driver.
    I'll try to see if theres a driver update for WIN7 to see if that will list it properly and resolve the problem.
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    When it happened to me I never could get anywere so I just restored the iphone and it fixed it . I havent had it do it again but once and only for a few minutes that time ....I thought it may have been from one of the many camera apps conflicting or over rideing something in the interface .