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Have been trying everything to enable me to *send* email from my AOL account on my iPhone (also actually on my iPod Touch, same issue). If I create the account on the Mail page, tap the AOL bar, enter my user name, password, then it automatically configures the account for IMAP access, and I can receive emails fine. However, no matter what I try, I cannot send emails, I always get an error that the server is configured incorrectly.

I've checked the Apple web site a zillion times and very carefully even tried configuring the account as "Other", and entering all the settings manually, to no avail.

Has anyone successfully configured an AOL email account on an iPhone or iPod Touch for sending, either using IMAP or POP? Nothing works, and it's so frustrating.

As a side note, the AOL web site also shows how to use your AOL mail account through Safari. Interestingly enough, the same thing happens...can receive in the browser but cannot send, it thinks for some reason that I'm a spammer and constantly asks me to go through the recaptcha process, which passes, but then when I try to send again, I get a big orange box at the top of the browser window saying "The message was not sent because of an error. Your message was not sent. Please click on the URL below, complete the image puzzle, and then resend your message". I click on the URL, enter the word, it passes, tells me it's now ok to send messages but it still does not work.


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