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I just received my new macbook pro (yay!) It's a 17" with the i7 processor, 8Gb of RAM and a 256 SSD. I'm a photographer, so (except for the fact I live my whole life on my machine!) I use it primarily for photo editing and web publishing (with CS4.)

I was wondering whether I should partition my hard drive? Should have a system partition and maybe a documents/cache partition - or even one just for the application caches and my latest photos/jobs?

I know it was recommended for regular hard drives to help with fragmentation, but I never did it before,

1. because my hard drive was only a 100Gb and my photos were stored on a USB external and my scratch disk for Photoshop was an empty 250Gb firewire, and

2. because it seemed silly to me since the User folder remained in the system partition and all downloads and emails and libraries were still stored with the system.

Now that I have a bigger HD I could work my latest jobs directly from the internal, and using the internal as a scratch would be more practical than launching an old Lacie that makes more noise than a jet taking off.

Would it make sense to make 2 different partitions in that case? Especially on an SSD? I've been debating what to do since I installed tonight... and I noticed that I could add and change partitions' sizes on the fly now (is that specific to SSDs? Crazy!) so I'm asking before I migrate my docs tomorrow. What do you think?

Thank you for your advice!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)