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  • c8j8k8 Level 1 Level 1
    Removed Zinio and Good Reader..synch went from many hours to 5 min.
  • jofman Level 1 Level 1
    I believe kschipper (above in discussion) is on to something here... Using the location provided for backups (on WinXP) (C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name here)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\), I watched as my iPhone and iPad backups executed .... The backups start off good and then drag almost to a stop ... Looking into the .mdinfo file with Notepad, you can see what application is being backed up ..... I found that the backups slowed to a crawl on the Pandora and AT&T myWireless applications.... I removed both of these applications from my devices and from iTunes and the backups complete well under 2 minutes for each device (iPhone 3GS and iPad) where before backups were taking well over an hour for each device.....
  • FMD Level 1 Level 1
    I was having the same issues. I stumbled upon a temporary fix that should work for everyone. If you "disconnect" from the internet (disable the wireless or unplug the ethernet cable) you will get a normal backup & sync. Seems like it is polling the Itunes store causing this issue.
    I'd use this until Apple provides a fix
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    I've had the slow backup problem with my iPad 64GB 3G since the day I bought it. I've tried all of the "solutions" here (none of which work), but I'll summarise them:

    1. Use only the new iPad USB cable, not older iPhone cable.
    2. Plug directly into my PC (USB 2.0)
    3. Disable Anti-Virus (Norton in my case)
    4. Make sure your bandwidth is free (so that iTunes) can connect to Apple.
    5. Install latest iTunes
    6. Perform clean install of OS 3.2 (restore to Factory settings).
    7. Delete GoodReader and Zinio reader.Indeed, delete any other apps holding any data of any significance.

    If I have left any out, do forgive me!

    All, in a word, USELESS!

    Yes, sure, without any apps or documents on the iPad it syncs, quickly. Fine - but what the heck is the point of that?! I mean, come on Apple; Goodreader and apps like Comic Viewer, or Comic Zeal, are what the iPad was designed for. It really, really, shouldn't take over 10 hours to back up one's data, (I have only about 5GB on the iPad at the moment).

    I can confirm that what others have said is true - the backup file (on my Windows XP PC in C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\) saves the iPad content on a file by file basis with it's own *.mddata and *.mdinfo files, plus three overall "master" records, Status.plist, Manifest.plist and Info.plist. It's creating all these records that seems to take the time, even if you have a fast USB connection.

    There must be a simpler and easier way to do this - in 10 hours I could copy more than 300GB of data to an external drive - so why can't Apple devise a better way to do this?! Come on guys - sort it out.

    Oh, and to the users who say, never mind, just proceed without backups - well, when, like me, you tweak your settings to be just right - it's VERY frustrating having to go back and add those settings from scratch - life is just too short.
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    Try the advice further above about going offline (remove/turn off wifi or pull out ethernet cable). My iPad backup the other day took 11 hours. I tried it yesterday and gave up after a couple of hours. Just tried unplugging my wifi dongle and all of a sudden the backup started to go much faster. Entire backup took less than an hour. Tried it with my iPhone too (takes upwards of 4-5 hours normally) and it took 45 minutes!

    This also cures the problem I get on my laptop (something about unable to start sync services or something like that). As soon as I disable wifi on the laptop all is good.

    Hope this is helpful to someone.
  • smile_please Level 1 Level 1
    I am yet another user who is suffering from impossibly long synchs... in the region of 10 hours. The only suspect app I have is Goodreader but there is no way I can take that off because it is essential to me. I am going to try some of the suggestions but this is really an Apple fault. Why does it insist in doing a complete data backup and not just adding the small changes that have been made since the last connection. Very clumsy, inefficient and time consuming... And we need a fix!

    Old Pilot
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    Removing apps should not be the option. Removing wifi, or changing cables should not be the option, this is obviously an issue which affects a number of people, we really need a fix.
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    If this thins wasn't given to me as a gift I would take it back and never touch anything apple again...

    Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours...
  • Osolemio Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X
    Apple responds to strong vocal condemnation..aka,if you are upset, write to them on the we. Also, call Applecare and ask questions as well as voicing your concern. Apple doesn't respond to these forums, but trust me...they monitor them.

    Keep at it and you will get a resolution. That said, I'm having the same issue and have had it in the past with the iPhone. It's often not just one thing but I wouldn't take everyone's advice in these forums as they are not guaranteed to work, nor given to you by professionals. You may end up more frustrated than if you went right to the source.
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    We shouldn't have this issue whether we have GoodReaders or whatever. This is year 2010... They are on USB 2.0 cable. I can back up my whole computer faster than the backup time.

    It's not the cable, it's not the virus software, it's not the GoodReader, It's not the bandwidth issue. This is a simple synchronizing files.

    Backing up files has been around for a very long time... Windows 95 had backup software built in. Windows 3.x had a back up software.

    Is also the AT&T issue?

    You can copy files over USB 1.1 cable faster than this.
    You can copy files over old WD NAS faster than this.

    How can the Apple put out a software like this? Reminds you, this is the iTune version 9.2.x. Imagine how bad the iTune 9.0 or olders were.

    This is a simple differential file comparison, tag files, then copy files over a USB cable.

    Maybe, the Apple is going to give us a USB cable protecting sleeves, too.

    This is very disappointed.
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    Like everyone else I started having backup problems after I started adding apps.

    I tried all the tips everyone provider but the backups still take hours.

    It appears the Itunes is backing up every single file, image, webpage, video, etc.

    If some of your files are stored on a network drive it will also access those files to backup the information making the backup that much longer.

    I have many other devices like WDTV, Archos and the firmware updates take seconds. You would think Apple would have a similiar method of updating the firmware. It would also be useful to have firmware update enabled on the device itself so you shouldn't need to even use itunes to update the firmware.

    Everyone praises Apple on how polished there products are, so how is it companies like Archos, Western Digital, Mediagate, Microsoft make there firmware updates easy and fast.

    Backing up ones device should be a choice not a requirement to updating the firmware.

    Thanks too everyone who provided there ideas and tips.
  • harv47 Level 1 Level 1
    FattyLumpkin wrote:
    Here is how I fixed my probelm...

    Thanks to jghu, who got me thinking alone different "lines."

    I was using the correct cord for my iPad (we don't have iPhones). However, his advice made me look at the basics. I had been trying to sync by docking my iPad to the keyboard. I removed it and tried to do the same via the extra stand I ordered. Same problem. Finally, I just connected it directly. What took 24-hours to do just took place in about 60 seconds.

    If you have not already done so, *try hooking your iPad up to the computer directly* - No base, no chargers.

    Thanks, FL. I tried two things, but the result not be neat. (1) Used what I think is the iPad USB cord. (The USB connector has a flattened end, vs. the rounded one on the iPhone version.) (2) Plugged the cord into a USB hub, rather than my MP keyboard. The backup and sync went much faster than the previous one. HOWEVER, the previous one was the first backup/sync of this iPad. So if these are incremental backups, there were no changes.

    I'll try adding some content to GoodReader and try the backup/sync again.


  • harv47 Level 1 Level 1
    harv47 wrote:

    {... much deleted ...}

    I'll try adding some content to GoodReader and try the backup/sync again.

    As others have noted, this seems to make all the difference. After adding a few MB of GoodReader content, the backup has gone back to intolerably slow. Someone said they could brew a pot of coffee while waiting. I think it's more like grinding the beans first (maybe even growing them).

    Still using what appears to be the iPad USB cable, still connected to a USB hub.


  • S A Z Level 1 Level 1
    Interesting. My backups have recently started taking forever as well. I decided to go poking around in the backup folder as per the info from kschipper. I have over 14,000 files in that folder. 14,000. It gets worse. My backup tonight created 3,141 of them. I looked at few MDINFO files and noticed many of them were from Pandora, so I did a search of of MDINFO files created today that contained "pandora". 1,271. Since there is an MDDATA file for each MDINFO file, that means my last backup created 2,542 files just for Pandora, an application that I just installed and have listened to MAYBE 10 songs on! What the heck is it doing?? Backing up their entire on-line catalog?? No wonder these backups take forever. Just the file system overhead of creating thousands of files each backup is part of the issue I'm sure.
  • losinit Level 1 Level 1
    For me it was Zinio. EXTREMELY slow backups, removed Zinio and back to normal.
    Bummer for me

    Thanks to those who posted it
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