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I got my ipad opening day. By the end of the day, I noticed that even though I had the ipad plugged into the supplied charger with supplied cable, the battery was slowing draining at a rate of approximately 5% every hour. So I called apple care and they decided to send me a new replacement. However, the behavior is the same with this iPad. We own two of them, so I did try the power adapter and cable from the second ipad and again, the behavior is the same. I would like to see if anyone else notices this with their iPad if they could at least give it a try:

1) Fire up bluetooth and WiFi, plug in the supplied cable and charger.
2) Crank up the brightness.
3) Run an app that is demanding on the device. I love drum apps and will drum along with my macpro playing iTunes on the MacPro and listening to the iPad via GarageBand so that it plays on the nice set of speakers.

I believe just web browsing or playing games will give the same results. Notice that over time, your battery % actually drops and doesn't increase or stay the same while charging and engaging in these activities.

Granted, the rate of decline is lower than if the charger were not connected, but it is a decline none the less.

The result is that eventually the iPad is useless until it is left alone to charge. I would have hoped the device would be able to maintain a charge while in use and plugged into the wall charger.

My theory is: The iPad either:
A) Will not demand any more current than it was programmed to demand, therefore if your usage is demanding more current drain than it is programmed to demand from the charger, the net result will be a decline in charge.
B) The charger can only supply 2.1 amps of 5 volt current when in reality, the iPad needs 2.5 amps while being placed under this level of demand. I arbitrarily picked 2.5 but it could be 3 amps ... who knows.

Either way, I have learned that if I want to use my iPad for an entire day while leaving it plugged into the supplied charger and cable, I can wish in one hand and spit in the other and the spit will always win.

Im curious to hear what others have to say about this since I have been reading through the forums and I haven't seen anyone specifically complain about this issue.

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    I never have mine plugged in all day, but when I plug it in when it gets down to 70%, it still charges it to 100% even when it is being used to watch netflix movies. So I don't lose charge when plugged in.
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    I don't think watching movies alone wil do it. You need to be actively tapping around, playing music and browsing the web perhaps. For me, its those instrument apps like the drum apps etc. It could be verified within an hour I Think .. one hour without the charger plugged in playing drums and one hour with it plugged in playing drums recording the before and after battery percentage to see if it declines in both scenarios.
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    I'm suffering from this problem. Real frustrating.
    I bought a couple eBay cords and 10w adapters just in case my Apple one was faulty. No luck.
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    I have the same issue. I'm browsing the Internet looking for an answer to this while plugged into the wall and I just went from 10% to 9% while trying to reply here.
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    Similar issue. 2 day old iPad, came pre-charged at 67%, plugged in using wall socket and it won't gain any ground. Switched to airplane mode and it went from 67% to 71% overnight. Used all day and got it down to 10%, plugged back into 10W wall socket charger and it will not get above 11% after three hours. Called support, they said do factory restore and if that doesn't work, they will schedule store visit to troubleshoot. Quite frustrating, my first i-Anything device......
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    Are you using the 10w iPad adapter or one from an iPod/iPhone when plugging into the wall?
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    I find that alot of the time the cable is to blame. My iPad 2 uniquely different docking port design appears to wear out cables more than my iPad 1 did. I know it hates most of the extension USB cables, it will appear to be charging but somehow the battery percentage isn't 100%... I remove the extension USB cable and plug directly from cable to the power adapter and it works fine. Though it appears to like the older (and more pricey) extension cables.


    Sometimes though overheating can cause battery to not improve. You can download apps to check the system status of your iPad and some will let you see what's running, how much power each app and background programs it's draining, how many hours you could have while while on battery, etc etc etc. turning it off and letting charge fully for several hours can do the trick. Sometimes I make sure to close off all the apps that are open and make sure wifi, Bluetooth, notifications features are off. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT turn off locations, just for security purposes and do make sure that a passcode lock is in place. When I'm traveling or I'm turning it off completely, I like to change my 4-digit passcode to longer passcode with a difficulty-guessed passcode. Don't let them thieves have it easy smeasy when they steal your baby, your lifeline.