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I am attempting to use it to transpose my MIDI keyboard realtime into Garageband. I've been able to get the application MIDI Patchbay (http://notahat.com/midi_patchbay) to transpose the MIDI information from my piano before it gets to Garageband, but I haven't quite figured out how to make it not send the "original" note as well. So basically, I am getting two notes when I press one key; the original and the transposed one. Is there is a way to "mute" the original note, or "hide" it from Garageband?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Christoph Drösser Level 6 (11,275 points)
    That page doesn't give a lot of information as to how midi notes are processed. For GB, it wouldn't make sense to send the original notes to a different midi channel, since the program listens to all midi channels at once. You really have to make sure that only the transposed notes are being sent.

    By the way, most midi keyboards have a transpose function built in, so you might not have to use that software at all.
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    Christoph! Thanks so much for the swift reply.

    I'm using a CASIO WK-1350 which has a transpose function, but the hitch is that the midi sends the original (untransposed) notes . Any other thoughts or suggestions? I don't have the manual for the keyboard, so I may be missing something...
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    The problem is that Midi Patchbay creates "virtual" midi instruments that play the transposed notes. If you could select the input instrument in GB, you would pick that virtual instrument. However, GB listens to all midi inputs on all channels and puts all the notes into the one midi track that it records on. So the input of your keyboard bypasses Midi Patchbay and goes directly into GB. I have no idea how you could filter the original notes out!
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    found a solution to my problem (my keyboard will transpose the audio line out but will not transposed MIDI ):

    1) create two tracks: one Real Instrument and one Software Instrument.
    2) arm both tracks
    3) mute the Software Instrument (MIDI)
    4) Record track, listening to audio out
    5) Transpose the Software Instrument track using Garageband's transpose feature