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We have a weird problem with our OS X Server. When we have accented letters in a folder name, like for instance "Référence", Finder sometimes becomes jumpy, jumping from the folder to the parent, making the content of the folder "blink". I'm not sure how exactly to describe it but it is really frustrating and makes work uneasy. For the moment, we changed every accented name to plain ASCII names, and the problem seems gone.

I am apparently not the only one having this problem, as described in this blog post: http://www.betalogue.com/2010/04/30/accented-chars/

I don't think there's much that can be done but Apple looking into it, but we never know?


Mac Mini Server, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    No one?
  • Björn Svensson Level 1 Level 1

    Having a similiar issue with 10.6.3 server and clients. Intermittent "jumpy" Finder on clients. Don´t think we have any accented letters. However we use swedish letters "ÅÄÖ".

    Long-shot links:

    If you find any solution, please post it here...
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    Hi L.R.

    I've seen the problem on our server too. But it's not only on servers, it's on all AFP sharepoint. It even happened on my external HD connected to my Airport extreme. I connect to it via AFP and get the problem. Unlike the guy with accented characters though, I have folders that display the problem that don't have accented characters, although, we use them too because we are speaking french also, as the guy from the link. The "solution" is to use something other than AFP, so we choose SMB, which brings other kinds of problem because it doesn't deal with special characters like _ . , [ ]* which we use sometimes in files and folder names. I'm still searching for a good solution to this problem. I've been in contact with apple and all they can tell me is that they need more data to be able to help me, but since the problem doesn't append in the log, what can I send? I've even posted a movie on youtube that show the problem!
    if you want to look at it...

    Lets hope apple fixes this issue before we switch platform.
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    Got the same problem at two of my coustmers.
    The also having problems whit folders showing as duplicates. If you remove the duplicate, the original disappears to.
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    I would like to also contribute to this thread. I have similar problem with two of my customers' environments.

    However I think that problem is not the 10.6.x server. I think problem is 10.6.x client connecting to server.

    At one of customers I upgraded client computer to 10.6.3 and it started to finder. Customer uses scandinavian letters in path names.
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    Has anyone checked if 10.6.4 corrects this issue?
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    No, it's still there in 10.6.4.
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    I confirm that the problem is not tied to a 10.6 file server.
    We have a 10.6.4 iMac showing the same strange behaviour while accessing a shared folder from one volume of a 10.4.11 MacOSX Server.

    The iMac client is running the French version of MacOSX, and all questionable names are French names with diacritics.

    Jo Lejeune
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    I have a Swedish server and and Clients and i can report the same issue in directories using Swedish ÅÄÖ in names.
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    Hallo everybody. It looks like I have the same problem...
    It is a german server and we created a video.

    What do you guys think of that.
    Is it the same problem... Please look at the video.
    Post: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=12122062

    Thanx in advance.. !!

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    This problem has been around for years / in earlier versions of OS X.

    Stay away from using any "special" carachters in folder names.
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    Yes. I know.
    But it seems that it is not only happen on folders with special Characters.
    It happens to folders without any special Characters too.

    I really do not know what to do now!!
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    Yep, same here! Really strange... The problem comes and goes for us on our AFP shares.

    And we have an interesting twist; if I have a folder with a Swedish accented character e.g. "ä" as the second character in the name, the first letter of the folder name will sometimes flip between upper and lower case every 2-3 seconds. How's that for weird?

    Other symptoms include being ejected to the top level of the folder hierarchy without reason and multiple visible "copies" of the top-level folder. Clicking the correct folder becomes a cat-and-mouse game as they flash around on the screen...

    Anyway, it's driving us crazy so Apple needs to find a solution quickly. Until then I will skip non-english chars in folder names and see if we can get some relief.

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    Update report: OK, I removed swedish accented letters (ÅÖÄåöä) from the top-level folder names on our AFP server share and...

    *...the problem is gone!! No more jumping folders!!*

    Yez, who would have thought that you couldn't have national characters in foldernames in OS X? It's 2010 after all...