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I was playing around with my microcell settings this weekend and added my iPad's assigned phone number to the microcell's access list. Low and behold, my iPad can now connect 3G via the microcell. I wasn't expecting this to work. Of course, it may be insignificant since most people using microcells probably have a wi-fi access point.


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    Hi there - where do I find the iPad's phone number to set up on Microcell? I tried both numbers on the SIM...no luck. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Two ways. iTunes or the iPad itself.
    In itunes I believe it comes up if you click on the serial number a couple of times like the iPhone or...

    On the iPad you go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>ABOUT>Cellular Data Number



    Hope this helps
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    I got the SIM # as you said how to, that was easy. I logged into my AT&T Account and went to "Manage Microcell" and then went to add number to MicroCell, so I added the iPads number click save and I get a message in red at the top that says basically this number is not compatible with the MicroCell.


    Any suggestions on what the deal is?? By the way, I literally JUST activated the 3G service on my iPad so maybe it's not in the system yet or something, also I have the 1st Generation iPad 3G 32GB.


    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!!

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    I want to thank everybody on this page and subject for helping me. I just got my new iPad last night and was completely frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to connect it to the Microcell. Although this is 2012, this information was exactly what I needed! Thank you all so much. I now have five bars in my home and enjoying my new iPad. Life is good!!

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    I have a WiFI/3G iPad and decided to test the speeds of the Microcell. I added the phone number of the iPad to the approved Microcell devices, turned the iPad off and on, and it showed the 5 bars of service and M-Cell.


    I turned the WiFi off on the iPad.


    Using the Microcell and using the Speedtest app, the stats were:

    Ping 229 ms

    SL 1.94 Mbps

    UL .11 Mbps


    Taking the iPad off the Microcell list and restarting the iPad to get it off the Microcell, the stats were, with our normal 2 bars of service:

    Ping 83 ms

    DL 1.89 Mbps

    UL .32 Mbps


    Turning on the WiFi, the stats were:

    Ping 74 ms

    DL: 35.97 Mbps

    UL: 10.67 Mbps


    Since the Microcell is intended for voice, and works great for getting 5 bars to the phones in the house, after seeing these stats, I am keeping WiFi on for use of the iPad at home and keeping the iPad off the Microcell!