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my iphone after resetting all settings through settings>general>reset, is stuck in an infinite loop.
it turns on, shows the apple logo, then about a minute later the loading symbol appears, after 10mins it quickly flashs black and then starts the loop again, i have left it for over 12 hours, to see if it will fix itself, but it wont.

i cant get it into dfu or recovery mode, it wont even turn off until it runs out of battery and then repeats its loop. when i charge it it just starts the loop again!

please i really need help, if i cant resolve this problem, im not going to buy the ipad and the iphone 4g as i planned to do so.

please could anyone help!

HP, Windows XP, iphone 2g/original
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    If you can't get your iPhone into DFU or recovery mode, there is a major problem. You can make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one nearby.

    This is a user to user help forum only, so doubtful if any fellow users will lose any sleep over your threat not to purchase an iPad or the next generation iPhone when released if this problem cannot be resolved. If not, more than likely there is a hardware problem or failure. If a problem arises with your PC that you cannot resolve, are you not going to purchase another PC either?
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    i have a windows PC, all seemed to be working fine before, but not anymore.