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when i connected my iphone to my computer it did not show up on itunes, so i reset it by holding the on/off and home button. when it went black i let go of the on/off button but didn't let go of the home buton until it showed the apple sign. After that my iphone showed up on the itunes and a bar came up and said "itunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with itunes." so i pushed ok and then clicked restore on itunes and another bar popped up and i pushed Restore and update. When it was done restoring and updating an itunes bar popped up which read "The iPhone 'iphone' could not be restored. An error occurred (1611)." so now the only thing that shows up on my phone was a usb cord with an arrow pointing up to the itunes icon.

the next day i took it to the apple store and the guy said he fixed it and my iphone showed up on his computer. so when i got home i connected my phone to the computer and it's still not showing up, what should i do?????

iphone 3G