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I would like to remove iTunesHelper from my start-up, is this a bad idea? Will it hurt iTunes performance?

Thank you.

I would also like to remove QuickTime Task, that ok?

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    no one helped me
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    it won't hurt at all:

    This is what the iTunes helper does, it makes it so whenever you connect an iPod/iPhone/iPad/etc., if you have the option to do so enabled in iTunes, it will automatically open iTunes for that device.

    So, remember that checkbox "Run iTunes when this device is connected?" in your iPod screens? Yup, iTunes Helper is the tool that helps manage this and determine the device is connected, and runs iTunes if it is not open.

    That said, if you like this feature, then you'll want to keep it around. If you disable it, when you connect a device, iTunes will not open automatically, even if you specifically told it to do so before, since it requires iTunes Helper to do that.

    However if you don't care for this, and wish to open iTunes manually, then there is no problem with removing it from your startup.

    I am not sure about the quicktime task. sorry