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I have a Windows laptop on the network that cannot connect to the internet if encryption is used. I have the newest AirPort Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band II with the latest firmware, 7.5.1. The laptop connects to the router fine, pulls a valid IP too ( for example). But it cannot go on the internet, or even ping the router's IP ( for example). It also cannot ping any websites, or any IP address to the websites. Put basically, no internet, no dns resolutions, nothing.

If I disable encryption on the Airport, everything works. Internet works. The moment I enable WPA/WPA2 or simply WPA2, no internet. Connects to the router fine, gets a valid IP, but just no internet. No ping response from the router.

The wlan chipset on my laptop is Atheros AR5007EG, and for reference, the laptop is a freshly formatted Vista, Acer 4720Z. I am using the default Windows wireless manager to connect, not a third party tool. The drivers for the wlan card is already up to date. This chipset works with WPA2 AES, WPA2 TKIP, WPA AES and WPA TKIP. I used to connect this other routers running all different types of encryption, in other words, this probably has nothing to do with the chipset not able to handle WPA2. I am worried that there is an incompatibility between this Atheros chipset and the AirPort extreme, when WPA or WPA2 is used. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

AirPort Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band II with Atheros AR5007EG, Windows Vista
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    We use a TC DBII with 7.5.1. It connects everything including an Asus netbook and an HP Vista laptop, with WPA2. Could you give us some more information? Everything works when you switch off encryption? Does anything else change when you enable WPA2?
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    Everything works when I turn off encryption. Nothing else is changed. All I have to do, is go to Wireless in AirPort Utility, change Wireless Security from WPA2 Personal or WPA/WPA2 Personal (doesn't matter) to None. Click Update on the bottom to save the change, the device restarts, and the computer can browse the net.

    Change it back to either WPA/WPA2 or WPA2, and the computer cannot browse the net, but gets a valid IP from the router. Cannot ping the router or any other computer on the network, cannot ping the DNS server, cannot ping any website.

    Any other routers using WPA or WPA2 AES or TKIP works fine on the laptop. Thus I am almost 100% sure that the router's chipset is not compatible with this certain Atheros chipset on the laptop.
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    It certainly looks like it. Just checked, my HP's got an Intel chipset. (WiFi link 5100 AGN).