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I have a Windows laptop on the network that cannot connect to the internet if encryption is used. I have the newest AirPort Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band II with the latest firmware, 7.5.1. The laptop connects to the router fine, pulls a valid IP too ( for example). But it cannot go on the internet, or even ping the router's IP ( for example). It also cannot ping any websites, or any IP address to the websites. Put basically, no internet, no dns resolutions, nothing.

If I disable encryption on the Airport, everything works. Internet works. The moment I enable WPA/WPA2 or simply WPA2, no internet. Connects to the router fine, gets a valid IP, but just no internet. No ping response from the router.

The wlan chipset on my laptop is Atheros AR5007EG, and for reference, the laptop is a freshly formatted Vista, Acer 4720Z. I am using the default Windows wireless manager to connect, not a third party tool. The drivers for the wlan card is already up to date. This chipset works with WPA2 AES, WPA2 TKIP, WPA AES and WPA TKIP. I used to connect this other routers running all different types of encryption, in other words, this probably has nothing to do with the chipset not able to handle WPA2. I am worried that there is an incompatibility between this Atheros chipset and the AirPort extreme, when WPA or WPA2 is used. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

AirPort Extreme Simultaneous Dual Band II with Atheros AR5007EG, Windows Vista