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    Thank you! Was having the exact same problem and this solved it. I'd changed my settings when my 3-year old learned his way around the ipad (took him about 4 days). Changing them back solved the problem and now all of the missing apps are there again. I'm still curious why the New York Times, ESPN magazine and Netflix were hidden but glad to have them back. Now if I can just keep him away from the ipad.

    Thanks for your help.
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    What did you do? I have an iPhone 3GS and my iPad 2 - I am missing at least two paid apps, MyPad+ and Angry Birds Rio HD, I really miss these two apps!

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    Had same problem.  Removed age restrictions in general settings and now all apps are showing up just as displayed in i tunes.

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    This thread helped solve my poblem too. After updating to ios5 there were a dozen apps missing on our iPad.


    The icons showed in iTunes in the device's app management, and notably were all grouped on a single page...the page was not visible/available on the iPad and the regrouping seems to me to be purposeful and part of the system update. I tried moving the app icons around in iTunes, didn't work, deleting from iPad and re-syncing, didn't work, removing the files from the mobile apps directory on the iMac then re-downloading them, didn't work. I tried removing restrictions in the 'parental' section of iTunes prefs, no change. Full restore of the iPad didn't work. Messed around a bit more then came back to look for folks posting similar problems. Then after reading this thread I realised I hadn't changed restrictions on the iPad general settings, and this worked.


    Now that I and anyone else reading these postings now know how to solve this it won't be a problem going forward, for us. However, for an inexperienced user this would be frustrating to say the least. I suggest greying out the restricted icons instead of hiding them altogether, maybe an age restriction element placed over the icon woud help too.

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    It looks like there are several reasons for this behavior. My problem was that all of my home screens were filled with apps, new purchases had nowhere to go. I'm currently using IOS 5.0.1 here is what I did to fix the problem;


    Swipe from left to right and type the name of the app you are missing in the search box to see if the app is installed on your iPad. If you see it there and not on the home screens then you may have reached the home screen limit. Try putting some apps in folders to free up space. New purchases will not go into folders automatically so you will need to free up space if you want to see them on the screen without having to search every time. After placing some apps in folders, reboot the iPad and you should see the apps somewhere on one of the home screens.

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    Correcting age restrictions on apps solved my problem.

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    workingmominSF is a genius!  It is the age restriction in the settings that made my Netflix App disappear.  I thought I was going crazy.  Soooo appreciate your post!

    Happy in NC & enjoying my movies again!

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    Thanks. Your solution worked perfectly for me.

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    I recently restore my iphone to factory setting and have the same issue. I can search for specific apps on my phone, but they dont show up. All my restriction settings are good, so what can I do now?

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    rick2nyce wrote:


    I recently restore my iphone to factory setting and have the same issue. I can search for specific apps on my phone, but they dont show up. All my restriction settings are good, so what can I do now?

    Did you already try the various solutions/answers contained in this thread? And are you aware that this thread is actually about the iPad, not the iPhone?

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    Yeah I had tried the various solutions. I noticed the iPad forum, but figured the suggestions would work for the iPhone as well, given their similarity. Regardless, for some reason, (shortly after I posted on the forum) the rest of the apps magically appeared on my device. I think it was just on a restore delay of some sort or maybe an iPhone wizard read my post and felt bad for me.



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    None of these solutions work for me. There are no age restrictions set, the screens are not full. Several apps that are still on the iPad will not show up on the home screen. It is a pain to go through the settings screen to get to them. Does anybody have another idea?

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    Thanks!  Removing the age restrictions worked to get Netflix app back.  I was going crazy.  I had tried everything.  It would sync, show up for a second on the ipad and then vanish but still show up in the itunes app screen. 

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    BTW once the app shows up again on your device you can reenable the age restrictions.

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    Those darn kids!  I was having the same problem.  Netflix app would not show up.  It turns out, one of the kids moved Netflix into the "Game" folder and so it was "invisible" unless you opened the folder.  I grabbed it and moved it back to the home screen!