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Why can't they make this easier?

I have Mac OS Server 10.6 running. DNS with FQDN, OD, SMB, AFP, and iCal. I have created a shared user to host 12 calendars, giving all my OD LDAP users full rights to those calendars.

I have setup a few Windows XP machines with Mozilla Sunbird and added new network calendars (12 calendars). Standard CalDAV settings using Calendar address pulled from the online Wiki calendar. A few of the Windows machines started complaining about 1. DAVNOTDAV error and 2. READ_FAILED.

I recently assigned the failed machines to use DHCP from our router and automatically provide a DNS. I thought this might be a problem, so I went to the machines and assigned a static ip and assigned the iCal Server 2 DNS (server DNS). This still doesn't work (prior to reboot -- don't want to kick user off production machine), the calendars refuse to load.

Are there any "better" Windows CalDAV clients? I've tested Chandler, Mulberry, and Thunderbird - Lightening add-on. Not impressed.

If there are any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


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