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version 3.0.3.

First problem is I can't see where I can fix the image size before getting to the print page! I prefer to do this and preview it before printing, as I used to in PS and then Lightroom.

Other problem is that Aperture tells me to turn off my printer colour management, but I can't get to such a control from the HP B9180 driver that is now part of OSX (10.6).

Help please!

Mac Pro 2x2.8GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    File > Export > Versions > Edit is one way.

    Or > Aperture > Presets > Export is another.

    No idea about the Printer.

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    Thanks Allan, but that doesn't really do what I'm aiming for. To be clearer, I want to select an image, resize it (using a plugin probably), save it at that size, position on the page and print it, within Aperture but without Aperture automatically adjusting the print size and/or giving me the standard paper size options or even the "custom..." again!

    The reason is that I need to be able to set the size (and position, usually) of the image on the page, not just the page size.

    On he printer front, I've noticed other posts from people having similar problems with profiles and colour management generally...Apple are you there, feel free to join in here

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    Pat Taylor wrote:
    Aperture tells me to turn off my printer colour management, but I can't get to such a control from the HP B9180 driver that is now part of OSX (10.6).

    It's possible there's a more recent printer driver on the HP website than the latest version released for Snow Leopard. It's been my experience there's a delay with updating the drivers. I don't use that printer, but is there a button or action item in the driver that allows you to see more options such as colour management?
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    Unfortunately, no there's no such item in the driver that I can see. Also, HP themselves now say "HP driver is built into Snow Leopard, do not try to install drivers from HP"! Apparently updates from HP for OSX now come via Apple...

    Thanks anyway.

    I'm beginning to wonder if this all happens automatically, when you select Aperture colour management that in the printer driver is disabled by the software? Maybe the sort of thing Apple might do and just forget to tell us about? Or am I clutching at straws here? Because to be fair the prints are not far out colour-wise, I'd have thought double profiling would look far worse. I have profiled monitor and printer FWIW.
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    I know Canon recommends one download their latest drivers from their website if you are having problems as they are going to be more current at times.

    Understand if you are a little frustrated; I don't know why the option to disable printer colour management is not shown.

    If it is any consolation: If I print from Aperture I also have a slight magenta cast that I can't get rid of (and my driver does have all the options displayed for the Canon Pixma 9500 Mark II). The colour cast was greatly improved in Snow Leopard 10.6.3 but there's still something not right.

    At least I have the workaround to use Canon software and Canon plug-ins to manage the printing with my ICC profiles; also works beautifully in Photoshop which I use as an Aperture plug-in for my most important prints.
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    You don't need to set the image size as such. The image prints on the page according to two sets of criteria:
    1. Whether you set dpi to custom or a specific value, and
    2. The page margins you set either as a printing once-off, or as a new printing pre-set.

    For example, I print "arty" photos in a portrait format on A4 matte paper. Left and right margins are around 3cm, top margin is around 3cm, bottom margin is around 5 cm (all numbers are from memory...). I have a title just below the image.

    I created this particular page setup for a certain photo and liked it so much I saved it as another print preset. Any photo I print using that preset fits within the margins defined. The very next print might be the same photo, but this time printing A3+ on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl. Choose the photo, select the relevant print pre-set, print. Re-sizing is irrelevant - the print in both cases is coming from the processed raw at maximum resolution.

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    Umm, so I have to calculate the difference between the paper size and the image size I want and then set the borders? I'm getting very confused! Having said that I tried Calx' suggestion and it seems to give the result I want, if a bit of a long-way-workaround, so thanks for that.

    The prints have to fit nicely in a frame, which is why the images need to be a given size.

    Still no clue on the colour management, though have to admit the print colours are very close to the soft proof so I can live with it.

    And now I've suddenly acquired the black lines round the edge that are referred to elsewhere in this forum.

    Methinks 3.0.4 can't be far away?
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    Hmmm... wouldn't call it long-winded, but rather short-winded - unless of course your images are all different sizes (ie you do a lot of cropping). Even then though, once you have created the preset, the image will print consistently within the borders providing image dpi remains set to automatic.

    This evening I printed three different images all using the same print preset, and they all came out one the page where they were supposed to. Took 10 seconds per image to set for printing. One was 3000x2000 pixels, the others were arbitrary proportional crops. All look the same on the page.

    As for the black border, sounds like you have a border set in the print settings. Change the border width back to zero and the border goes away. Stop doing Adobe-think, and the rest of the problems go away, too!


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    Yes, lots of cropping...trying to print a set of old pics for a friend. Lots of adjustments to white balance, colour, noise reduction etc. Then I end up with a useful version, then the ensuing print problems! You're right about Adobe-think though, and it is very difficult to get into such a different way of doing things. Thank goodness for the Preview button, that's saved a lot of paper.

    But the black lines aren't a border, the width is and was set to zero and I've tried setting border colour to white too (as these images are items on a pure white background) but the black lines still appear apparently at random. I thought it was something to do with the crop, but sometimes cropping doesn't produce them and sometimes they appear without any crop applied. The only way to get rid of them is to start over from the original image and re-do everything, which sometimes works. Weird.

    Still I'm much further forward now, thanks !