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I was using the Macbook Pro in Target Disk Mode using a external monitor, and when I was done I had to open the case to shut it down. I then pressed the power button to start it up regularly and shut the case again. The computer acted like it went to sleep, so I figured I needed to keep the case open when starting.

As soon as I hit the power button again, the sleep light came on and the optical drive made a little noise, and after one second the light went off and everything shut down again. If I HOLD the power button down then the sleep light stays on for five seconds, flashes rapidly for two seconds, goes off for one second, then back on for a second before finally shutting completely down again. Repeatable.

I do have a Snow Leopard DVD in the drive, but that shouldn't make any difference. I can't eject it either by holding down the eject button while powering up.

I've tried removing battery and power and holding down the power button for a long time. No help.

Any ideas on how to get it alive again?

MacBook Pro 17" 2.5GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 6GB RAM, 500GB disk, Hi-Res anti-glare display
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    Can you boot off the DVD by holding down c when you power it up ?

    Try doing a Parameter RAM reset - hold down command/option/p/r keys at start up and wait for three chimes before releasing the keys.

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    Turns out I DON'T have the Snow Leopard disk in the machine. (No wonder it wouldn't eject!)

    I've tried resetting the P RAM, but it doesn't seem to get that far in the boot process to even check the keyboard.

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    So there's no start up chime at all ?

    The flashing light indicates a problem with RAM usually ... any beeps ?

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    No start-up chime.

    The only noise that can be heard is the hard disk and the optical drive powering up, the power LED lights up, then ONE second after hitting the power button it shuts itself off.

    The best way I could think to duplicate getting it in this state is to press the power-on button and immediately shut the display lid. I would assume the timing of closing the lid has to be right at an inopportune time in the startup sequence.
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    Bottom Line: It required a new Main Logic Board replacement, which AppleCare fixed.