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Working with Apple Mail on an Exchange server account, I've recently noted that when I put an attachment in the body of an email, all further text is broken out into a separate email attachment... thereby getting ignored by the recipient.
This has been happening for a couple of weeks now - and is a significant bug from my point of view.
The same behaviour is NOT exhibited using my gmail account.
Any ideas how to fix it?

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    You could ask Microsoft to build a better email client.
    Another workaround is to not use plain text.
    Another method that works is to change the font in the message to something other than your default font.
    Yet another workaround is to select the option in the Edit>Attachments menu to always place attachments at end of message.

    If you want the recipients to be able to download the attachments, use plain text. Depending on the type of attachment, Outlook will render the attachment in place, but they won't be able to save the attachment for some reason. They may be able to by switching to plain text, but I've not found that to be reliable.
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    Attachments must always be placed at the very bottom of your e-mail message - that's the only reliable way to avoid this issue.
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    I was not having problems sending in-line attachments to other Apple Mail users until a modification was done to the Exchange server 2 weeks ago. Since then, Exchange breaks up the email the way you describe it whenever any Apple Mail is received by me, even from accounts outside our server. There has to be a setting in Exchange that is forcing this situation, it's not an Apple problem since it worked fine right after we changed to Exchange. Entourage, of course, doesn't have this problem but that's because Microsoft has coded their mail format into Exchange to work fine (adds reference line in email where in-line attachment goes, then adds attachments to end of file, Entourage displays it correctly because it processes entire file). Exchange also has problems with HTML email but plain text email is worthless and so last century.
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    I should have searched more. I found a posting that talks about this same subject with a method to get it to work. All I had to do was make the first word in the email bold and in-line attachments work the way they are supposed to work. This doesn't help incoming files but it does help make your emails readable.

    Outlook has a tough time rendering an email correctly. If you want it to have all attachments inline (and the server doesn't strip out or prevent use of HTML messages), you can trick it to work. When you start a new message, change the font to something other than your default font. That will trigger Outlook into rendering it correctly.

    Some people create a signature in the Font that they want to compose in, and then start the message in the first line of the signature. That will set the font tag for Outlook to understand.

    If you want the recipients to actually be able to use the image attachments you send, make sure you set the message to Plain Text and put the attachments at the end. Otherwise, Outlook renders the images inline and it is nearly impossible to save them separate from the message.