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After syncing a few albums created in Aperture 3.0.3 with my iPad, I notice that all photos contained in each stack appear in the Photos app. Naturally, I'd like only the primary photo in the stack to be visible in the Photos app.

Interestingly, these same albums are synched to my AppleTV and show only the primary photo in each stack.

Anyone else notice this? Is there a workaround other than reworking my Aperture albums?



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  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    If you are referring to the "key" photo - the photo for a stack without opening the stack, with iPhoto this is determined by the first photo in the iPhoto album selected to be transferred. With iPhoto Events, you can assign a "key" photo for each event regardless where the photo is located in the Event, but not with an album. The first photo in an iPhoto album is the "key" photo. The same may apply with Aperture.
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    No, I'm referring to the photo that is visible when a number of photos are stacked within Aperture. This could be 2 or 10 or more photos that are similar. After creating a stack, I can promote one of the photos to be visible when the stack is collapsed.

    An album in Aperture can contain any number of stacks. I would like to see only the photo viewable in Aperture on my iPad after synch. Now, on my iPad I'm seeing all the photos contained in each stack...not really what I want.

    As mentioned in my first message, it's implemented correctly on my AppleTV. I'm seeing only the primary stack photo; the others are hidden.

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    I believe you need to set one photo in the stack as the album pick,

  • LewInVT Level 1 Level 1

    That did it!

    Thank you very much.