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Once the new 4th gen iPhone is out I might upgrade. I would like to use my current 3g for my wife but do not want to sign up for another $30/month data plan. Using the text and phone features along with the the standard iPhone software will be fine. No need to do e-mail for her. I understand some programs will not work like MAPS and GPS related service need the data connection but not a issue here. ATT always want to sing you up for more service but I am not interested and don't need it. Who is using their older iPhone in this manner and how is it working? What programs/apps are dependent on the data network to run?

iPhone 3G, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    The data plan is mandatory for the iPhone and it would be foolhardy to use an iPhone without a data plan. The bills would be astronomical since ATT does not disable the data connection.

    If your wife does not need the data aspects, sell your iPhone and buy her a non data phone.
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    My grandson is using my old iPhone as an iPod and it works fine. The wifi works fine.
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    Tamara wrote:
    The bills would be astronomical since ATT does not disable the data connection.

    I think that AT & T will disable the data connection. My parents-in-law is under our plan. They will never use the internet because they do not know how. But they sometimes will accidentally push the button for the internet and I get charged for a few cents. I called AT & T and they said that they could block it so their phone cannot access the internet. Now, when they push that button, it said that it cannot connect.

    When I said "I think..." is because they do not have an iphone so I do not know if this will be the same case or not.
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    Not with the iPhone - especially with an iPhone that was subsidized by AT&T. After the contract has expired for an iPhone that was subsidized by AT&T, it may be possible to request data access being completely disabled for the line/number, but doing so will also eliminate visual voicemail access. The iPhone is designed to always have an internet connection as long as there is an available wi-fi network you have access to, or cellular reception. The iPhone switches back and forth between the two automatically and seamlessly. If someone isn't interested in using the iPhone as designed and intended, it is probably a better idea to used a phone that isn't designed and intended this way.
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    It's not the same. In order to activate the iPhone on the AT&T network for normal cellular service, a data plan must be purchased. The IMEI on the device indicates an iPhone so there's no real way around this.

    To the other guy talking about his grandson, that's awesome he's using it as an iPod...but he can't call people, text them etc, like the OP states he wants his wife to be able to do (on the AT&T network).
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    I see Allan and Kramey beat me to it .
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    Lose the caps lock. Do you see anyone else using it? There's a good reason for that... it's considered shouting in a forum.

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    You can, SORT OF.
    Once the phone is no longer under a contract, you can use it as a "wireless" phone but not a cellular phone. Meaning, you can only make calls, texts, and use the internet within a wireless network.
    I had an out-of-contract iPhone for a while and was able to send and receive phone calls and texts via 3rd party apps (Skype and TextFree) when I was around a wireless network. Obviously, the caveat here is that you're not always around one, but then again--no phone bills!
    It's not a 'real' answer to your question, but it can be used as a workaround in a pinch.

    But honestly, it may be easier and cheaper to just by a cheap flip phone and do a pre-paid thing if ALL you're wanting to use is voice and text. I had a $competitor$ plan that cost me $15 for the phone itself and then whatever pre-paid service as was necessary for my needs. Between $10-40/month (depending on usage, and you don't even have to add service every month, if you're not done using the last batch of pre-paid stuff).
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    I understand the subsidy angle and that topic as far as I'm concerned is a wash once the contract expires. Loosing visual voice mail if it happens is not a deal breaker for myself and the other data related functions are not mandatory as I mentioned in the OP. My main concern is the device still working via the cell connection for voice calls and text. If these features remain unaffected then OK, ATT can block data service on their side, I have it done for my other lines now. As to the why would you want to use it with out the data features, that's simple. There are countless other programs and functions a "flip" will not do. Plus at home using wifi you can get the other data features you might want. It's is still one of the best iPods on the market,and the apps are great.

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    The data plan is mandatory for the 3G & 3GS.
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    When I got the new 3Gs last year, I passed my original iPhone onto to my daughter. She put her 02 SIM card that she had been using in a Nokia into the iPhone and it works perfectly. She doesn't have data network, but the phone and texting works and she can use other features, such as email, over her wifi network at home. As she said, she doesn't need to check emails outside the house! She's on a very low priced plan with O2 which isn't an iPhone plan.
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    Janthea, Thanks. This is useful info. That is pretty much what I want to do with my phone. I'll have no need to check e-mail outside the home so the data simply is a unnecessary expense. Seems like some of the other folks answering forget about the other great features built into iPhone OS. Thanks for the replies anyway. What is a 02 Plan?
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    O2 is in the UK. As was stated earlier, as far as AT&T is concerned, the data plan is mandatory, and if it is discovered that you try and work around it, they will add the data plan to your account when they do their IMEI sweeps. They know exactly what type of phone you have the SIM card in and are using.

    I understand your not wanting data, however we are just users here, and we cannot change how AT&T operates. This is their decision, and their decision only. Take it up directly with them. I know they won't change it, but going on and on about it here with us isn't going to change it either.
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