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Hoping someone can help me as I am on the verge of throwing my Mac and new printer out of a window! Have read about 100 internet pages in the last 5 hours trying to get my printer to install and it just won't work.

I have downloaded the correct software (for Snow Leopard) from hp.com
I have installed it and can get to the point when the printer connects to the wireless network.

Once I get to Network Setup the printer is picking up my network (called Indies-Home-Network) and showing it as a strong signal. (I have also printed a network config page and the printer tells me it can see my network on that print out too!)

But... when I select the network from the list, I get the message "NETWORK UNAVAILABLE: The selected Wi-Fi Network is not within the reach of the device." and it won't go any further. So the network is there and visible and the printer tells me it can see it but then can't connect - it just doesn't make sense!

I saw another answer on here about 'just creating an ad hoc network and adding the printer to that' but I have NO CLUE how to do this so am completely stuck.

Please please can someone help me before I break something! ;-p


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    How is the printer connected to your network? Describe the components of your network.
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    I've got a cable (Virgin) modem, a NetGear RangeMax wireless hub and a Macbook (and 2 blackberries). Never had a problem with anything connecting to this hub before - we're had various laptops, netbooks, iPhones etc connected at different times. I don't think we have a 'network' as such, just the hub with whatever devices happen to be at home connected to that hub.

    The printer isn't connected to anything at the moment and seems to be refusing to connect to the network - which is pretty much the problem!

    Does that help?
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    Hub? You mean router? How would you connect the printer to the network?
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    The printer is wifi capable. Directions are included with the printer to do that.
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    Connect the printer to you Mac via USB! Then connect to your wireless router/hub via your favorite browser (on the Mac open System Preferences->Network pane and find the router IP address - put the address in you browser address bar)and find out what security is running on the router.

    Then on the USB HP printer connected use the included HP software to connect to the printer to setup it's network. Then in the printer software put in the settings for your wireless network to get an IP from the router. Then make sure the USB connected printer gets onto the wireless router and gets an IP. If you setup the printer to the wireless router disconnect the printer from the USB connection. Now remember the IP the wireless router gives the printer because I will show you a trick to blow your mind!!!

    After the printer is on the wireless network (and disconnected from any computer) open System Preferences->Print & Fax and click ont e + button to add the networked printer via the IP address . Once the printer is added do a Software Update to see if you have the latest driver from Apple.

    Now comes the blow you mind part. If you setup the printer on the network (this work with ANY networked printer that is 5 years or newer) and open your favorite browser and put in the IP address of the printer and see a web page wiki it broadcasts!
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    Has anyone tried this fix yet? I assume this will work well with an AirPort Extreme. Also, how well will this trick work with a Windows XP system? Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    I have tried this method and finally got it to work with my network. This is just a crappy printer for wifi network printing. Even after connecting, it would take 10 minutes to print a single page. I ended up hooking it up to one of my linux server boxes and setting it as a non-wifi print server. This actually ended up being great for me because now I can print from any of my computers over any network in the world to my home printer with great speed, but I still can't use the wifi capability of the printer.
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    I have MacBook pro which won't connect to my c4780 over wifi..... My PCs are connected and printing.... My MacBook only recognizes it when it's connected to USB..... And when I manually put in the IP address it says it's on idle and doesn't print nothing......
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    I just got done finagling my c4780 on my network. It recognized the printer but the printer was very slow and sometimes just printed a partial page.

    HP has released a new software version, 11.0.0. I used that software and setting up the wireless network was practically effortless. The new software was released at the end of August, so you probably did not have that software when you had your problems.

    After I set up the network printing was very slow, the printer idled at random, and most of the time it printed only a part of a page. The HP discussions site suggested loading an earlier driver, specifically the driver for the HP Photosmart 1100. I tried that and the printer worked like lightning but the color suffered badly. So I loaded a few more drivers and settled on the HP Photosmart 2700 series, which gives quick and trouble-free printing and very good color.

    Hope this helps. I am very pleased with my printer at the moment.
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    Gutenberg's solution worked great for me. Network printing took 2 or 3 minutes to start, would pause, and randomly abort. After loading the Photosmart 2700 series driver, the printer started within a couple of seconds and did not pause. I changed the printer driver in two MacBook Pros with the same excellent results. Thank you Gutenberg. I thought this printer was a piece of junk. Now, like you, I am satisfied at the moment. BTW, changing the printer driver is very easy.....go to printer and fax preferences.