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I made a new playlist on my computer and it said it had 56 songs on it. I put it on my ipod (all of the songs are the correct format). If i click on the playlist under my ipod icon in my itunes it says 56 songs just like it was supposed to. But if i go to listen to the playlist on my ipod it says there are only 51 songs. Why aren't all the songs showing up???? HELP!!!

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    Is this a smart playlist? If so, it could be related to the known bug where a playlist's content and sort order don't match iTunes. There is a workaround for that though, just edit the playlist by adding the criteria "Playlist Is Music", where "Music" is the general category in iTunes for music items.

    If that's not it, it could be that some of your songs are tagged as "Skip when shuffling", so when your iPod is in shuffle mode they won't show up in the playlist.