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I just purchased a new iPod Nano and I cannot get it registered or create a new iTunes account. The first time I hooked up my new iPod using the USB cable, I got the “Welcome to Your New iPod Nano” window. In the “Let’s get started” message in the Welcome window it says you can “1. Register Your iPod” and “2. Set Up Your iTunes Store Account”. I then had the choices of “Never Register”, “Register Later”, or “Continue”. After I clicked on “Continue”, a window came up for me to fill out all my personal information. After filling out all my personal information and clicking on “Submit”, I eventually got the following error message:
“We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The network connection timed out.
Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, then try again.”

Then I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my iPod Nano and clicking on “Continue” (to register my iPod) in the Welcome window that comes up after I connect my iPod to my computer. However, this time an online registration form window did not even come up. Instead, just the error message that I listed above came up after I clicked on “Continue”. I then tried connecting and reconnecting my iPod Nano to my computer a few more times and clicking on the “Continue” button to register my iPod Nano. However, every time I did this I got the error message I listed above. This is maddening to me.

I also tried clicking on Store>Create User Account in iTunes. I tried doing this a few times. Each time I got the exact same error message as when I tried to register my iPod. I have a DSL connection that works fine, so I do not know why I was not able to register my iPod and why I cannot create a user account with iTunes. When I click on “iTunes” Store” in the iTunes menu, I have no problem immediately accessing the iTunes Store online.

In the iTunes Help Menu in “Run Diagnostics”, I ran tests for “Network connectivity” and “iPhone/iPod connectivity”. The network connectivity tested fine and the iTunes Store connectivity also tested fine. However, when I ran the test for “iPhone/iPod Connectivity”, I got the following error message: “No iPhone or iPod found”. This makes no sense to me. In iTunes, under “Devices”, it shows my iPod listed. Additionally, I am able to successfully eject my iPod from my computer every time. Also, my iPod is shown listed in “My Computer” as being connected to a USB port.

The online iPod user manual indicates that registering your iPod is supposed to be very simple and easy: “To register iPod Nano, install iTunes on your computer and connect iPod Nano.” I already had iTunes installed on my computer before I purchased my iPod Nano and there has not been any problem with my computer recognizing my iPod Nano. Again though, I have not been successful with getting a connection to register my iPod and create an iTunes account. Any light that can be shed on this maddening matter would be appreciated.

By the way, I experienced registering as a New User for the Apples Discussion forum to have its quirks and idiocy also – but I digress. I’m just glad I was eventually successful in registering as an Apple Discussions user so I could post here. Again, any info that anyone can give me about why I am not able to register my iPod or Create an iTunes Store Account would be appreciated.

hp pavilion, Windows XP, AMD Athlon[tm] XP 3000+, 2.16 GHz, 1 GB RAM
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    I’m writing to update my situation and to give good news. In my Mozilla web browser, I decided to click on Tools>Options>Content. In the Content Menu I have “block pop-up windows” selected. I clicked on “Exceptions”. Then in the “Allowed Sites – Pop-ups window, I typed “apple.com” for the “Address of web site” I would allow to open pop-up windows. After I did this, I then clicked on “Continue” in iTunes to register my iPod. This time, the registration form window came up. All of my personal information I had previously typed after I connected my iPod Nano the first time was already there. All I had to then do was click “Submit”. After I clicked Submit, the Window came up for me to name my iPod. After naming my iPod, I successfully synched all of the songs I already had on iTunes to my iPod. I did not get any error messages this time! I was a little surprised that it worked for me after I told my Mozilla web browser to allow pop-ups from apple.com. My decision to go into the internet options menu and tell Mozilla to allow pop-ups from apple.com felt kind of like clutching at straws, but it worked. I never forget one of the most basic points that my Introduction to Computers teacher at College emphasized to his students: “Computers are stupid!” Computers can only do strictly what they are told or programmed to do, nothing more.
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    I decided to do another follow-up with my issue with having trouble registering my iPod Nano. I decided to change my question to "unanswered" because I do not feel that I should have had such difficulty with simply registering my iPod. I do not think that I should have had to worry about and think to go into my internet options content settings to manually type in apple.com to allow pop-ups from apple.com. This was something I simply figured out and thought of to do myself – there was nothing whatsoever about this in the error message I got or in the not particularly helpful iTunes “Help” menu. The result of the diagnostic that I ran through iTunes Help menu with my iPod Nano stated that my computer did not recognize my iPod Nano, which was clearly inaccurate and untrue. In any case, I just feel that is a little ridiculous that I had such difficulty registering my iPod Nano and that the help menu in iTunes and the diagnostic that I ran was no real help whatsoever and that the “Run Diagnostics” was not able to diagnose accurately. Any input that anyone might have about this matter I would appreciate. I am also curious if there is anyone else out there who might have also had trouble simply registering there new iPod after they purchased it.