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I was wondering if the Ipad 10wt charger be used with Iphone 3g? If so that would remove one charger to haul around or unpack.

My Build, Windows 7, Too much to list
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    I have used it no problem. Also, you can use the iPhone charger to chargebthe iPad, but the iPad charges slower.
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    I appreciate your reply, I worry whether the higher wattage could cause overheating or battery charging circuits to burnout. Do u find that the phone charges more quickly?
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    Last comment: Called Apple store and their tech said NOT to use the Ipad charger because it puts out too much current and could dammage the Iphone. ( My thoughts are that it has a higher wattage output but the Iphone will not draw the extra current. Not an electrical engineer and do not fully understand output to input issue. I think I will NOT use it.
    Another Note: Just saw a dual charger for those using both the Ipad and Iphone. It had dual ports but I did not see the usb ports listed as one for ipad and one for iphone. I wonder if one it 10 watt and the other 5 watt.
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    I picked up a Griffin PowerJolt for iPad for my iPhone 3G. It puts out up to 2.1 amps of current. I wanted it for using data based navigation apps which suck power like there's no tomorrow. my 1 amp charger just can't keep up and you can watch the battery percentage slowly decrease when using something like Waze. Griffin says on their site and packaging it's just fine to use with iPhones and iPods. Ah, but there's a rub...

    The battery's current charge level doesn't change while plugged into this charger, something I've never seen with any other. It sits on whatever percentage level it was when first plugged in. One has to either reboot the phone or plug into a different power source, then the iPhone will show the up-tick in battery level and that it has in fact, been charging. This makes me think the battery management system is borked with the iPhone when given a higher current. So that tech at the Apple store may have been right. I'm using iOS 4.

    Waiting on Griffin's response.

    FYI. My old WinMo HTC Fuze works just fine with this charger. It keeps a consistent current around 680 ma no matter what charger I plug it into.