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Are there any pre-paid cell phone cards that work with the Ipad?

I will hardly ever need 3G. Buying another plan doesn't make sense.

However, buying a prepaid minutes (or gigabytes), to use now and then makes a lot of sense.

Do you have know of any solutions like this?


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    Since you don't tell us where in the world you are (update "My Settings" at the right), I'll give you the USA answer.

    The AT&T Cellular Data plan is prepaid by credit card when you order it on the iPad. There is no contract and you can cancel whenever you want. Data plans are based on monthly usage and renew automatically unless you use up your monthly allocation early or cancel on the iPad.

    Here are the details: AT&T iPad 3G Data Plans, http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/ipad.jsp
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    It's unfortunate there are no options where you buy for example 5 GB of data, with no expiration time. It would be great for light users where it could take several months to use up 5 GB of data. Just like buying a phone card. It lasts as long as you have minutes on it. No reason this could bot be done for data.
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    I checked out At&t's plan. Not what I'm looking for. You still must pay for service each month.... regardless of whether you use it or not.


    I'm going to be doing extended travel through europe and south east asia. Likely it won't be compatible there???

    It would be nice just to be able to pickup a prepaid card and tap into the cell phone network wherever you are.

    Any other options you know of?

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    You can use any carrier's data plan. Several have announced their Intention to provide service and micro sim cards for iPads. However, since the iPad has not been released internationally yet, you will have to wait until May 28th for details to become available.
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    $1 @ day, perfection!