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basically ive dropped my iphone and it has alot of songs that havents been updated to my computer, ive tryed plugging it in anyway and it says the disc cannot be read or written on. so basically how do i go about getting the tunes ive paid for back when i get my new phone. some other people must have had this problem, i rang up the support line yesterday and she said she was going to email me some documents etc but the email contained links to the support pages on apples website, so anyway thought id try here, any help would be very appreciated as ive probably got 200 songs on there (have been meaning to sync it).
cheers callum

iphone 3g 8gb
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    So you have bought over 200 songs via the phone and never synced to backup? Then dropped your phone you decided never to backup and it broke?

    Now asking how to save data that you decided never to back up and the reason for backing up is to save you from this sort of thing?

    Just checking to make sure I understand you correctly.
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    yep pretty much mate, i dont have much access to the computer. i know its stupid but ive had no problems with my phone at all and its easy to keep racking up the downloads. thanks for the quick reply!
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    In the US, iTunes will grant you a one time exception and put the music back in your download que. I have no idea about England.

    I would call them up and ask them for your one time exception and see if they'll do you a favor.

    It really is a one time exception tho, so backup your music.
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    what number do i need to ring to sort this out? there must be plenty of people whos laptops crash and they loose everything thats pretty much the same situation as what im in. any help would be much appreciated
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    Yes there are many have computer failures, this is why backups are crucial. If you have no backup plans or procedures for your data, it really isn't anybody's fault but your own.

    This is why they sell all kinds of backup devices and external drives.

    For a phone number, every receipt you get has a link for support if you have questions (and think number as well).

    There is also a Contact Us link at bottom of this page.
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    im not disputing the fact that its my fault, im just saying that surely if you loose your music there must be some kind of record of the downloads that can prove to apple that they were bought and they will let you download again, or is it a case of loose your music and your fked
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    While things that sound simple, you have to think of it as a business.

    They charge .99 (or whatever for a song).
    Some goes to label/artist.
    What is left is Apples. Now some of that paid for bandwidth to send you the file.
    Now if they were to let uses re-download items imagine every user that ever loses something for failure on their part could redownload. Now for every redownload they are losing money as there is a cost factor to bandwidth.

    The agreement you agreed to do buy stuff from them lays out download policies.
    Not to mention we have no idea what rules they agreed to with labels about such matters.

    Before digital, if you lost a CD, and you wanted it again, you bought it again. The label made more money. I am sure they want to keep that possible for them as a second source of profit if users lose their music and thus made Apple agree to terms of how users can redownload.
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    i know where your coming from and tbh if it hadnt been that may songs then i probably wouldnt bother because of the reasons you just stated, however spoken to a very helpfull bloke who said there is a way of getting this sorted, the reason they couldnt let you download again and sortit out yourself is because apple had alot of problems with copyrighting etc etc. hopefully ill get this sorted. thanks for your help
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    People have issues wrapping their minds around this concept...saying oh there must be records, blah blah.

    I once lost my $1,000 digital camera. There were records of it's purchase..I had all my reciepts..but I never thought once about calling Nikon up and saying oh well I did something stupid and lost my camera. Can you please just ship me a new one? Here's my reciept.

    That's what you're doing. It's digital media, but once you download it, it's yours. You must do what you need to do to protect it.

    That being said, Apple/iTunes will regrant downloads on a one time exception if you're nice. If you call up ******** and moaning they don't have to do anything.