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I've been having this problem ever since I had my iPhone replaced (sound problem and cracked screen). My iPhone is not recognized by iTunes when plugged into my computer, explorer sometimes recognizes it as a camera but iTunes never does at all. I've reinstalled iTunes a couple of times and it sometimes recognizes my iPhone before a restart. After restarting my iPhone is not recognized. I've also reset my iPhone a bunch of times and the same problem happens. I've tried different USB ports, but it's always the same story.

I'm not sure if it's the iPhone they gave me at the Apple store. When I replaced my iPhone at the apple store the guy had a problem syncing the iPhone and would sometimes say "No Service", but he still handed me the replacement.

Windows 7
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    First of all, the guy at apple is being rude for handing you an iphone that is clearly not working. What I would do is go back to the apple store and look for the guy that helped you before and tell him that your phone is not working because he didn't do anything to resolve the problem in the first place and that it is his responsibility to fix it. Make sure that when you leave the apple store, ALL of your problems are somewhat resolved so that this won't happen again.
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    I had the same problem on Windows. It turned out to be a device driver issue. Windows updated the driver for my iPhone to be a digital camera so it appeared with the camera icon in My Computer. It happened after I used Windows Auto Plug and Play to transfer some photos from my phone to computer.

    I found that the driver should be pointed to usbaapl.inf

    Using the hardware device manager, I updated the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver to install from C:\Progam Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

    Step by step instructions with iTunes installed:

    1. Locate the Apple iPhone device:
    o Open the device manager, e.g. using Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound Tab > Device Manager
    o Look for a device called ‘Apple Mobile Device’ - if your iPhone shows up as
    ‘digital camera’ it will be under something like ‘portable devices.’

    2. Update the driver:
    o Right click the Apple Mobile Device in device manager and click on
    ‘Update Driver’ – the Hardware Update Wizard will open.
    o Click the ‘Browse my computer for driver software’
    o Browse to C:\Progam Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers click 'Next'

    The right driver installs and now shows under universal serial bus controllers in device manager.

    Now iTunes will recognize your phone again

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    I tried that, but my computer says that the best driver is already installed (as a camera) and it won't let me change it. I would love any suggestions.
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    Thanks Lady Cruthers,

    Your solution worked for me!!
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    Using the same path to your iPhone in Device Manager, right-click the device and select Uninstall. Unplug the phone. When you plug it back in, Windows will locate the appropriate driver and iTunes will find your phone.