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I have a 2007 macbook that I bought in Fall of 07. The palm rest cracked sometime after that but since I didn't buy applecare I thought apple would not fix them. I read somewhere that it is a known issue and apple will fix it for free regardless of warranty. Is this true? If so is there a time frame (ie only within 2 years of purchase)? I've had my macbook for 31 months.

Also it is cracking on the top plastic as well where the magnets connect to keep the lid closed. Will this be replaced?

2 Ghz White Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    The folks at my local Apple reseller mentioned a "Quality Control" program, and told me my computer would be covered for 3 years after date of purchase. You'll have to check with the store(s) near you.

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    I would argue that if such a program existed (I'm not saying it doesn't!) then why do they not advertise it on their support website?

    Quite plainly, it sounds to me as if they are only fixing it for people who complain about it, everyone else can pound sand.
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    I had my mid-2007 MacBook (purchased as a refurb directly from Apple.com in December, 2007, and without extended Applecare warranty) topcase (keyboard/palmrest assembly) replaced on April 22nd, 2010 at the Apple Store in Indiana at no charge.

    I did confirm with the Apple Genius Bar that the topcase replacement would be at no charge before I submitted the unit for repair.

    So, 2007 white MacBook topcases ARE being replaced 'out of warranty' at no charge in at least one Apple Store in the United States. Whether it amounts to a 'program' or not could be open to interpretation.
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    If this were an official program, it would be promoted as such. It seems to me that it's not, or perhaps the issue isn't widespread enough to warrant official promotion.

    If the folks at the Apple store aren't willing to help you out, talking to a manager or visiting another store is definitely worth doing.

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    Lyssa wrote:
    If the folks at the Apple store aren't willing to help you out, talking to a manager or visiting another store is definitely worth doing.

    We did talk to store management and were turned away both times. We finally got in touch with Apple customer service at their corporate office who agreed that this should have been covered under warranty. It was finally exchanged very recently for a new unibody model which we haven't yet unsealed from the sleeve it was handed to us in.

    As a matter of fact we did go to another store who also denied the coverage until we asked him (the tech) to check the case notes... the genius saw that customer service put a note in there to cover any repair that is not user damage, and he processed it (that was the 2nd repair). The fact remains that without corporate intervention we were still refused warranty service on our computer three separate times from two different stores.
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    Been in to my local apple store today with my 3 year 222 day old macbook and got the keyboard/uppercase replaced for free....no questions just carried out the repair. Happy customer here.
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    I too was able to take my cracked (right side palm rest) Macbook into the local Apple store and have the keyboard, trackpad, and casing replaced. They did it for free, no questions asked. I don't have Applecare. My Macbook is about 2.5 years old at this point, and still no problems with them fixing it. I was thinking they might have to send it away, but the repair was made while I waited and walked out thirty minutes later with a fixed Macbook!
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    Made an appointment today to have mine fixed and they replaced it with no questions asked. Looks like a brand-new computer!