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robert larkin Level 1 (145 points)
How do I deauthorize 3 of 4 old computers that I don't use anymore ?

MACBOOK PRO 2.2 GHZ", Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • AHXtreme42 Level 3 (540 points)
    In order to deauthroize computers you no longer have access to, you only have one option, and that is the deauthorize all feature in your account info.

    To do this, two conditions must be met though:
    a.) You have 5 authorizations on your account, and no less. (If you don't have 5 yet, then you can still authorize more so you won't have to worry)
    b.) You have not done this action in the past year (you can only "deauthorize all" once per year.

    Once you have 5 authorizations and wish to reset your authorizations to 0, login to your account info (click your account name in upper right hand corner of iTunes store) and select the "Deauthorize All". You can do this from ANY computer. Remember though that once you perform this reset, you cannot perform another reset until one year later.
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    The reason why iTunes has authorisation features and restrictions is to keep the record companies happy and to comply with music copyrights - with the Internet and easy file sharing it's become really simple to share music illegally.
  • robert larkin Level 1 (145 points)
    So you're saying that when I have 5 computers authorized, I go to Deauthorize All..how do I save the current one I'm using ?
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    robert larkin wrote:
    So you're saying that when I have 5 computers authorized, I go to Deauthorize All..how do I save the current one I'm using ?

    You wouldn't necessarily SAVE the one you're using. Instead, you deauthorize them all, and then you reauthorize the one you're using. (You are able to authorize any computer you have unauthorized before, so it won't be a problem) You will be prompted to do this anyway when you try to play a DRM-protected file, or you can do this manually by going to STORE-> Authorize Computer
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    Thanks !!!
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    Wow...I was just discussing this issue with my wife. Received a "warning" message when authorizing my newest iMac that I was getting close to the cut-off. Since we plan on getting a laptop for my wife I was starting to be concerned about deauthorizing the ones that are no longer connected or no longer have. (I would have had to aim a hair dryer at the guts of my dying G5 and re-hooked it up to the Net to deauthorize; no fun.)

    One simple web search and I found this thread listed second. Just wanted to thank you VERY much for the perfect info!

    I hope I can someday return the favor or that you are able find the answers you seek so quickly in the future.

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    I need to deauthorize as we maxed out and don't have two of the computers any longer. Any issues with getting access back to the libraries on the currently authorized (and then deauthorized) computers? I know I have to re-authorize them but kids want to be sure I don't hose the library by deauthorizing.
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    Authorizing/deauthorizing does not affect the library. It merely gives you permission to play DRM protected files.
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    So to be clear, there is no way to deauthorize computers you no longer have access to if you haven't reached the 5 max limit?
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    I want to De-Authorize a computer before selling it.

    I have logged into iTunes 8 and asked to De-Authorize

    Itunes tells me _ Incorrect password or User name ?

    Is there a better process to do this ?
    Why are so many people having problems with this ?

    I have Three computers with iTunes on it - iTunes account says I have 4
    How do I de-authorize a computer I sold years ago ?


    any help appreciated !!