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Occasionally our chain of command sends out a list of businesses with a military or federal employee discount. I saw apple on the list and it seemed like a great opportunity to get an IPad. I called up apple sales and asked if they had a military discount they said yes but when I told them I wanted to buy an IPad they said the discount does not apply. I asked why and the reply was "I do not have access to that information".

Not a huge deal but a little disappointing anyone know why?

Iphone 3gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    All I know is, I work for a major defense contractor (as a civilian) and I am entitled to a corporate discount on Apple products. We even have our own website which shows the discounted prices. The iPad is NOT discounted, and when I inquired about this at my local Apple Store, they said that no discounts are being offered on the iPad. My guess is that it's such a hot item right now and people are waiting so long to get them, there's no incentive for Apple to offer a discount.
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    To the best of my knowledge, the iPad, iPods and iPhones have no discount in any of Apple's sales channels. They definitely don't in the Education, Federal Employee or State and Local Government channels. Why that is I can't say, and Apple won't comment on their pricing policies.

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    as far as a military discount goes, the military discount is treated just as the educational discount is treated! which is awesome. now to clear up the other rumor about the iPad iPod and iPhone not being discounted. the iPad and iPhone have NO current discounts the iPhone has the AT&t discount but other than that nothing (by that i mean the phone actually causts 499$ + but when you buy it with a contract at&t gives you the phone for 199 or 99 depending on the model.) but to my knowlege there should be corporate and goverment discounts on iPods. BUT now that the military discount is being treated as educational you may not have the goverment discount on the iPod, keep in mind that this discount *** anyway it's like at a max of 8% so your talkin about MAYBE 2 dollers but it's not much!!! sorry guys

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    Our college bookstore is an authorized Apple dealer. I once asked about iPod Touch and iPad discounts and was told Apple does not provide them for "consumer" products, computers not being considered consumer products.
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    iPads and iPhones (the most recent models) are so packed with new technology and features that the cost to make the base models barely turns a profit. For example the 16gb iPhone 4S costs around 196 usd when all said and done. The figures are similar with the New iPad. However in the PC world they are able to upsel their products because of the thirst for apple products. You can get a fairly good Windows PC for $500 and a macbookpro costs over twice as much so theres room for the discount to still turn a generous profit. I hope this helps.

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    Did you happen to notice the date on the post to which you replied?