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I'm trying to permanently delete files from my iTunes and iPod Nano 4G. I manually deleted songs and videos from my Nano because I didn't want them anymore. I even deleted those same files from iTunes when my Nano wasn't connected. But now, whenever I sync my Nano with iTunes, those files end up right back on my iPod. How can I stop those deleted files from being put back into my iPod?

Dell Studio 15, Windows Vista
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    I even deleted those same files from iTunes

    Obviously you did not delete them from iTunes.
    Are you selecting Library - Music in iTunes and then deleting them?
    Or are you only deleting them from a playlist?
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    I deleted from the playlist. There are more steps than that?
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    I deleted from the playlist

    If you delete them from a playlist it only deletes then from that specific playlist.
    Note that Library -> Music is not a playlist. It is the library.
    To remove items from iTunes, delete them from the library or *Shift Delete* from a playlist to remove it from that playlist and the library.
    It will then also ask to delete from the hard drive (which is not the library), if it is in the iTunes media folder shown in iTunes prefs -> Advanced.