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Hi all-
Looking for feedback as to what in **** might be going on with my MacBook Pro and how to proceed with it.
Last weekend I bought a 27" iMac for my home office. For various reasons I did not transfer data from my laptop at the time of setup, but the next night.
When I went to use Migration Assistant (after reading a bit on here about it), everything went fine until I actually entered the code the network code the iMac gave me and tried to start the transfer. The MacBook Pro wouldn't respond; the iMac told me it wasn't responding, and the MBP wouldn't quit Migration Assistant. Even after waiting an hour, Migration Assistant was still frozen, so I did a "hard" power off with the power button.
When I went to restart, the drive started, startup chimed, but the screen stayed black. I had to leave for work, so hard-turned it off again and left it alone. When I returned to it last night, I got past the black screen but it would stay in grey screen for around 7-8 minutes, then alternated every 10-15 seconds between a light blue screen with the spinning spokes wheel (not rainbow) and a slightly darker blue window with no spokes. It went back and forth like this for maybe 5 minutes, so I shut the MBP off again and went through the whole process a second time with the same result.
Since I live almost 4 hours from the nearest Apple Store, and Support was closed, I used my Snow Leopard disk to repair permissions - there were a lot of repairs. I then repaired disk, and was told the disk was fine. I restarted, same grey-light blue-dark blue issues, so reinstalled Snow Leopard.
After the OS reinstall, everything restarted and worked fine! I did a software update, then on the second software update (which as I recall was just java and iTunes) things went south again. When I restarted after the second software update the screen did the black thing again. Keys are lighting up, chime happens, but no screen.
The other thing that is different this time is that the green light on the power cable is not lighting up and I cannot seem to boot to the Snow Leopard disk, so I can't even get back to the post-OS-reinstall-pre-software-update stage again to get my data off the machine.
Not sure what to do next! This sound like a clear-cut issue of the X or the Y to anyone? Any feedback is appreciated.
With blessings,

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 2006