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    I thinks its not hardware problems, it's software. Because I try it again and the problem disappears. So anyone, support staff may be, please let iOS development team knows this issue.

  • Mr.C UK Level 2 (410 points)
    We are all just users here. If you want to send feedback to Apple then you need to use the following link.

  • JLEE51 Level 1 (0 points) it seems that many iPad owners have the same issue with the screen "self registering touches". You'll see multiple posts on the forums from "self touching" to "self registering" to "freaking out".

    Well, I also have this annoying problem.

    Trust me when I say that cleaning the screen, resets, charging, deleting apps, static, and so on haven't anything to do with causing or resolving this issue.

    Here is a little tip to show you what is actually going on. Download a free app that shows you "screen touches". Harbor Master is one that I've heard of that led me to this...but I prefer to use that pocket pond app...only because I can just sit back and watch without having to move boats around.

    ...When you notice the problem, open up the app. I've noticed on mine that it only self registers touches along the side. Exact location is (when holding iPad in landscape position, home button on left) along the top of the screen...from top middle to the top right corner.

    I have called Apple...the tech was polite and tried to help. ...But the only suggestions were to reset (as i've already done) then if that didn't work I was to do a reload while sync'd. He stated that if none of that worked then to take it to the store...

    Since I am in Florida for the month and the nearest Apple store is 6hrs away...I will wait until I go back home HI and visit a store that is close by.

    ...also I did email the support team telling them to fix this problem. I hope more readers do this as well.
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    First, try a full reset. If this doesn't fix things up, take the iPad to your nearest Apple Store. The Genius Bar will assist you & most likely replace it, since it's under warranty.
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    Took my Ipad in and a video of it, the store said I needed to have it replicating the problem and a video was not good enough thankfully almost on cue it did it and thankfully they replaced it then and their.
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    So the solution is exchange the ipad? No other way?
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    I have the same problem with my Ipad! When I start to use the ipad, after a few minutes it starts to be alive! typing, opening applications, making zoom in, zoom out, a nightmare!

    Please, is there any solution for it ? I live in Brasil and a friend of mine bring the IPad from Chile for me - So, exchanging it would not be a solution for me.

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    I had the same problem with my 64GB 3G Ipad. The hard restarts and starting all over did not resolve my issue. I went back to the apple store and they replaced mine for free after the tech was able to replicate the issue. I am considering springing for the extended warranty now since this has me worried.
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    Me too I have the exact same problem. Will take it to apple store tomorrow. Lets see what they say as I live in finland and they dont even sell ipads here..

    I wonder also if iOS4.2 might fix this..
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    Ok. So I took my iPad to Apple repair today.

    For anyone with this problem, it is definatelly not in the software but in the hardware. The guys in the shop told me that I have either a faulty touchscreen or faulty processor. They took mine and will replace it with a new unit.

    So anyone with this problem - take your iPad to Apple repair. No iOS update will fix this problem!
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    I am having the same problem. It did not start until I updated to the new OS I wish I could go back. Is there a way.
    I can reset and the problem goes away momentarily then it always returns. I feel if I can put the old OS back on the problem will be resolved !
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    I just found out that the reason for these mysterious glitches and "self touching" is just a electrical field that occurs, when a person is somehow in contact with anything that conducts an electrical current or has an electrostatic charge. This might happen without even knowing or sensing these currents. Electrostatic charges may even pass clothes and shoes. One possibility to find out if this is the reason is to, just when it occurs, to try to change the place where you are currently at or even change seating and leave the device on. As soon
    As you are not anymore close to the electrostatic field, the phenomena should disappear.
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    I took my iPD into the store and it's a simple fix. Go into your iPad settings. Go to general and turn multi task gestures off. Then go to keyboard and turn all options off. Wait for a few minutes before turning all the options back on. Voila! This fixed it instantly.

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    Remember the ipad touch screen is activated by heat sensory so in order to stop make sure nothing else is triggering the sensor on your IPad

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    The touch screen is not activated by heat sensory, if that were true, than a stylus wouldn't  work.



    This article is for the iPhone but the iPad uses the same technology.