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so, i just had my iPod touch 32GB replaced back in february because the headphone jack wasn't working. my warranty just expired in march, and now my lock button isn't working. the iPod won't lock when i push it, instead it will bring up the power down slider. also, the power down slider will pop up at random moments. anyway to fix it? or should i email support because the replacement broke?

EDIT: forgot to mention that i can still reset the iPod by holding down the lock button, it just won't go into sleep mode...

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    How long are you holding down the lock button when you want to put it into sleep mode? If you are holding it for a long time, thats your problem, only a quick push is necessary. BUT if you are doing that correctly, and it is still not working, you need to bring it to a store (Apple store or purchase place) and get it replaced. If it is not your fault of what it is doing, you should still be able to get it replaced. I did, even when my warranty was up, because my sound was not working correctly. So, just get it checked out again, maybe it is fixable.