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I watched the Avatar DVD on my 27" iMac the other night, wanted to hear it in 5.1 through my Philips HTS3371D sound system. I selected 5.1 in the DVDs menu, but it sounded like stereo- I admit that my physical setup is not optimal for the surround sound option, but I would have thought I would be able to tell the difference between stereo and surround.

I checked the System Preferences/ Sound pane, it said I was connected to the Digital Out of the iMac- I have an Optical cable from the iMac to the Philips system. Sound offered no options to change the settings. So I went to the Audio MIDI Setup app and checked it out. It also says "Digital Out," and offers to Configure Speakers... . This is what I see when I select that:


As you can see, only Stereo is offered. I am at a loss. I cannot definitively say it's not playing in 5.1, but I expected Audio MIDI Setup to say it is playing though all 6 speakers.

Anyone have anything to share about how this works?

Thanks. Joel.

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